Affordable Top 5 Best Live Vocal Microphone Buying Guide

best live vocal microphone


Best Live Vocal Microphone

What to look for when buying a Microphone for Live Vocal

Today Reviewsformusicians are going to present here best microphone for live vocals. Think you have a live performance and thousands of audience gathers to enjoy your performance you have the worst day! You are not heard properly and the appealing of your song changed because of an improper live vocal microphone. So you can assume that an improper live vocal microphone can ruin all your hard work and longtime preparation for a stage performance and within a second your entire performance can be thrown off! You must admit that the best live vocal microphone can sketch your song nicely before the audience, and can easily take the performance to a next level.

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best live vocal microphone

Best Live Vocals Microphone


But you know what it is difficult to know which microphone is best to go with require. The studio is a very controlled environment with separation and isolation. The nature of the studio and a live stage is not the same! Musician and sound engineer trying their best to build up a decent sound system with a perfect live vocal microphone.

Obviously, the best microphone for live vocals buying guide article will help you to choose the right selection of best live vocal microphone as we picked up some best live vocal microphone with our personal knowledge and also we provide you some useful information.

Guideline for pick up the right vocal microphone

When you are decided that you will pick up a live vocal microphone, it is time to confuse yourself with a wide variety of microphone types straddling multiple ranges of prices. The comparison will be difficult with one another if you have very little knowledge about it.

Well as you know the quality sound of a microphone control the price. In that case, it will be very helpful if you study a little about it. If you understand the excellence of microphone and their features, it would do a lot to select your desired one, it will upgrade your performance and improve your recording as well as among plenty amount of advertisement, price category should be known before you buy.

You should not be rush when you selecting an important tool for taking your live performance to a next level which is also pricey one! Our guide is focused on some vital contents which will make you understand easily with a very basic concept.

pick up a live vocal microphone

Best Microphone For Live Vocals on stage


You Have To Understand The Polar Patterns

Polar pattern of a microphone means how much sensitive does a microphone receiving sounds is different angles about its central axis. More specifically it describes the direction of receiving the sound. Some of the polar patterns are omnidirectional, subcardioid, cardioid, super-cardioid, hyper-cardioid, bi-directional, and shotgun. Centre of each pattern containing small circle represents the microphone in the room.

Omnidirectional Microphone

Respond to sounds coming from all directions.

Bidirectional Microphone

A bi-directional microphone takes sounds from east and west and rejects sound from north and south. The bi-directional microphone used when two people have to share a microphone – such as an interview, or two singers.

Unidirectional Microphone

It accepts sounds from one direction and eliminates sounds from other directions.
The unidirectional microphone has three common pattern type:
cardioid, super-cardioid and hyper-cardioid. All three of these patterns exclude rear-axis and off-axis sounds coming from behind the mic or from the side area.

Cardioid Pattern

Cardioid microphones have a shape of a heart. It accepts the sound when the sound comes from 120degrees. Sensibility only found at 120 degrees angle, other sides don’t show any sensibility. So it is better to choose it for studio recording. You will find good sound quality and outstanding noise cancellation from it. Actually, it is designed for getting less noise during recording.

Super-Cardioid Microphone

The super-cardioid microphone picks up a little more sound from a 180-degree angle but rejects more from each side.

Hypercardioid Microphone

It accepts sound from 180 degrees but excludes sound coming from 90 or 270 degrees.


When a microphone responds to air pressure is called sensitivity. When there are a lot of sonic detail is required for recording an acoustic guitar and capturing the sound of fingertips sliding across the strings sensitivity of a microphone is used for this.

Versatile Microphone

It is also known as the multi-pattern microphone, just like its name its polar pattern can be changed in a versatile way. It is useful for the different purpose.

The Response of Frequency

When you want to determinate the sound of microphone frequency response is a significant way to find it out. A microphone can hear a specific range of frequencies and reproduce it which is called frequency response. Frequency response is often presented as the range of frequencies that the microphone can “hear” and reproduce is shown by a graph which represents a response curve. There are two types of frequency response, one is the flat response and the other is shaped frequency response. Flat response is used for recording music instrument or sound effect and shaped one for boost up the punch of voices or musical instrument.

Response Curves

when a microphone response to the different output of frequencies it is called shaped response microphone, and when it is represented by graph it creates a peak and troughs. It makes frequency curve. This type of microphone are very useful for reducing pick up of the noise of outside.

On/Off Switch

Most of the audio engineer doesn’t like the on-off switch, as you know accidentally turned off the microphone thrown out a performance within a second, switch lock will be the best option as it cannot turn off easily or accidentally.

Is it Wireless or not?

Nowadays wireless microphone is preferable by most of the musicians for its configuration and variety of size, as well as the desired benefit you can move around the stage, which can give a lead singer freedom of singing with roaming, it comes with a saxophone, by attaching a small wireless microphone to the instrument horn anyone can add this to it.

What is the place for application of your vocal microphone

At first, you search out the application of instrument or sound sources you want to mike. for example condenser, mike is used when it need louder sound, on the other hand, if you want to hear beautiful music coming from your guitars, basses, drums you have to pick up the dynamic microphone. Was your microphone successfully grip the volume of the source material without any twist? That’s the thing you need to be checked.

The microphone you are using at present

You need to be strategic when you think about buying a new one, At first, you should check what are in your bags, find out the uses of these, and search out what should be a list in to require your need. And then you can search for the best live vocal microphone which suits your singing style and voice.

vocal performance

Best Microphone For Live Vocals Stage performance


Artist Preference

Most of the singers and musicians have microphone preference; for example, many of them like to have a dynamic microphone either condenser microphone for sharp vocal capture.

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Think About Your Budget

Fortunately, there are thousands of variety budget friendly microphone are available, but that does not mean that they are low in quality, affordable vocal microphone prices start with 99$ and high-end microphone price end with 1000$. So whether you search for vocal or instrumental microphone you can buy your desired one within your budget with excellent performance.

You have certainly noticed wireless vocal microphone may be it’s at the pop star’s concert, on a talk show, at your gym, at any kind of stage show.¬†Just a few days ago there was an embarrassing situation where singers and television performers were turned over with the microphone cord out of their way! But thanks to technology to discover the simple technique which used in wireless microphone. Now wired microphone was the thing of past. Wireless microphones have become popular day by day because of its sound quality, reliability, and budget-friendly price.

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wireless microphone

Best wireless Microphone For Live Vocals


Why you choose it?

Wireless microphone system has a great advantage, it eliminates the cable which connects the microphone (or musical instrument) to the sound system. It gives freedom to move around, without being controlled by a cable.

How Does It Work?

A wireless system consists of three main components: an input device, a transmitter, and a receiver. The input device provides the audio signal that will be sent out by the transmitter. It may be a microphone. Most of the time it is used for electric guitar.

The conversion of the audio signal is controlled by the transmitter which broadcasts through an antenna. is limited by government regulations limited the strength of the radio.

Usually, receiver work to pick up the radio signal which is broadcast by the transmitter and change it back into an audio signal.

Functional Difference Between Wired and Wireless Microphones

Usually wired microphones changes sound into an electrical audio signal which is sent to a sound system through a wire. But wireless system switches sound into radio signals which sent from a transmitter to a receiver and then sound system receive it Wireless system actually using radio frequencies transmit the sound.


Operating Frequency: VHF high band, 230MHz to 280MHz;
Frequency Stability: 0.05%, crystal-controlled;
Modulation Mode: FM;
Audio Frequency Responses: 40Hz to 20KHz;
S/ N Ratio: > 90dB;
Image Rejection: <98dB;
Distance: 150 ft in door, 300 ft outdoor.


  • The movement toward greater freedom
  • Avoidance of cabling problem
  • Reduction of ground loops between the microphone and other electrical instruments on stage


  • Battery life is limited
  • Noise or dead spot is found
  • Possible interference with other radio equipment

In general-purpose this microphone is ideal. It is designed simply. Strong and flexibility are one of the key components if it. High volume levels are matches with its configuration. Moreover, it doesn’t need any internal amplifier and battery also!

dynamic microphone

Best Dynamic Microphone For Live Vocals


How Dynamic Microphones Work?

It’s a bit more complicated as the configuration is based on the electromagnetic field. Using the principle of moving a magnet near a coil of wire, electrically generated current create the audio signal.
The coil is attached to a diaphragm which vibrates in response to incoming sound waves, moving the coil over magnet creates a current in the coil which is channeled from the microphone. Coils of wire are used to develop the magnitude of the induced voltage and current.


Tolerate rough handling.
Handle high sound without distorting.
Don’t need any eternal amplifier.
Increase the intelligibility of speech.
The pick is well damped.

Where is dynamic microphone used?

Dynamic microphones are generally used for live events. It has a low sensitivity and can control a lot louder environments.


  • Don’t require a battery
  • Don’t need any power supply
  • Very sturdy


  • Not as sensitive as condenser one
  • Unsuitable for film work and studio production

Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone Review

If you want to know about sure SM7B,  Click the read more button.

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What is Condenser Microphone?
The meaning of condenser is the capacitor which stores energy in the form of an electrostatic field. It converts acoustical energy into electrical energy. It is made by using diaphragms, membranous plates, which are thin as one plate in a capacitor. A voltage goes through between the capacitor and the diaphragm, which moves up and down as sound vibrations enter the microphone. The distance between the diaphragm and the capacitor is recorded via the electronic charge and it is transmitted by electronic sound.

condencer microphone

Best Microphone For Live Vocals


How does it work

Condenser microphone also called capacitor microphone as there is a capacitor inside it, in condenser microphone diaphragm does the work of capacitor as it was placed in a position to work like a capacitor. Two metal surfaced plates placed very closely when vibration produce the distance between the plates changed. The plates have the different name.

One called a back plate made of solid brass and the other is diaphragm Voltage which is actually an electrical signal quickly changes into exact pattern of the original sound. The diaphragm worked for the count on the air pressure, diaphragm get vibrates by sound waves, which causes changing the position of the diaphragm and the back plate which made the capacitor changed.


Switchable polar pattern.

Function select switch.

Broad dynamic range.

Phantom power system.

Low cut filter

Pad switch


  • Superior sound quality
  • It has strong audio signal rather than the dynamic one
  • It has great sensitivity and speed for in-studio production or in the film.


  • It requires a battery or external power used in audio production
  • Voltage must be maintained
  • It is not ideal for high volume work

Microphone Techniques

You will surprise to know that most of the new singer wonder when they give voice through the microphone as the voice they hear it is not the same voice when anybody listening to it! That is why many of the new singers felt shy before a microphone. But when the condition is like that; you have to embrace your voice.

One of the best solutions is to record your voice when you are singing and listen to it again again and accept it. You will feel confident when you got to know how your voice actually is! Self-confident help you to overcome the fear of using the microphone.

Last But Not The Least!

We have suggested you at the beginning that, before buying a microphone the more you study or do a little research the more you find your quality product with your budget, It is obvious that if you spend more you will get the better microphone. Searching reviews of the product by pro audio specialists and well customer written reviews on website Work with your budget and get established in your mind what you want to have a killer performance!

We want to you to be satisfied with what you purchased, so that you can order the perfect one among the best live vocal microphones; your desired one without any hesitation, we hope that this guideline will help you to get a basic knowledge about vocal microphone and get the right direction with the consideration of budget-friendly purchase.

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