beats solo 2 review

Beats Solo 2 Review Why The Best Review Ever?

Beats Solo 2 headphones, thankfully, come both wired and wireless. And if you have been following us, then you probably already came across our review of the wireless one. Hence, today we are here to do the beats solo 2 review for its wired counterpart!

Beats solo 2 review

The Solo 2, wired or wireless, has been quite the talk of the town. This headphone is apparently an upgrade from the company’s Solo HDs, and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead in store for us. With all this said and done, let get right to reviewing this very requested headphone. Let’s start!to reviewing this very requested headphone. Let’s start!

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Features Of Beat Solo 2

  1. Sound Quality
  2. Design and Construction
  3.  Comfort
  4. Control

Sound Quality

If there’s anything we learned about Beats over the years, it is that the company has a tendency to emphasize, if not overdue, its bass. Okay, they overdo it sometimes. And the Solo 2 is of course not going to be any different.

Don’t get us wrong. Beats solo 2 headphone is amazing. It is loud and furthermore provides a strong punch. However, the bass can be a little too much sometimes. Now, in its defense, the Solo 2 has been very careful to tone down the bass, and it has furthermore done so successfully. But it is still not enough. Beats and bass… . .geez! So yeah, if you like your music and audio bass-heavy, then you got our beats solo 2 review hooked you up right here, has furthermore done so successfully. But it is still not enough. Beats and bass… ..geez! So yeah, if you like your music and audio bass-heavy, then you got our beats solo 2 review hooked you up right here.

Design and Construction

Beats headphones are known for their streamline and vivid designs. And the Solo 2 will not disappoint you… to some extent.

You see, this headphone looks minimal and feels minimal. You have the ear cups which snuggly sit on your ears, and then the flexible, lightweight yet durable headband. The ear cups will furthermore snap and collapse, making it the go-to headphone if you are more or less, always on the go!

Comfort[amazon_link asins=’B010KJ0CDK’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’bestseller10c-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’cf195790-9728-11e7-b79c-5b593abbe5cb’]

In terms of comfort, the Solo 2 may, or may not, prove to be a contradictory pain in the ears. Literally.

Now, to start with, the headband and ear cups are all padded and foamed to nicely cushion your ears and head. The ear cups will furthermore “enclose” the ears even though it is an ear-on headphone.

The result? Your music doesn’t dissipate that much, and you do not get to hear the outside world too much either. Kind of like walking in your own bubble. We like that.

Anyway, let our beats solo 2 review shed some light on what’s wrong: the headphone will sit a little too snug on your head. We mean, the first 10 minutes may be okay, but from there on, it will very likely squeeze your skull in like a melon. Ouch! It furthermore causes more trouble if you happen to wear spectacles or shades. The squeezing gets progressively more painful, and the glasses don’t sit right on the ears, and furthermore only worsen the pain.


The RemoteTalk Cable that you get with the Solo 2 allows you to change songs, pause, adjust the volume and furthermore take calls without having to reach out to your phone.

Simple and minimal.

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Let’s Check The Video Review of Beats Solo 2

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What’s in The Box?

Well, apart from the Solo 2 wired headphones, you get:

  • RemoteTalk Cable
  • Soft shell carrying case

Very disappointing to see that we aren’t even getting access to a darn microfiber cleaning cloth. For the price we are paying, it is only justified that we furthermore demand a more impact-proof carrying case, at least!

Purchasing The Solo 2 Headphones

Click on our mentioned link of the Solo 2, and it will zap and zoom you into Amazon where you can check it out more closely before purchase. It is furthermore available for in-store purchase, and you have about 12 colors to choose from.

Price? Yeah, you have to be ready to pay premium to buy premium, buddy. Definitely doesn’t come cheap.


  • Great bass (toned down) and acoustic
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Is loud
  • Good-looking
  • Hands-free calls
  • Portable
  • Includes a soft shell carrying case


  • Ear cup paddings tend to rip and disintegrate
  • Very tight fitting
  • Does not include any cleaning cloth

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Who is the Solo 2 headphones for?

Hmmm….rich people who love hyped up brands. Just kidding. . ..or may be not.

Alright. The truth is that this headphone is expensive. However, it comes with a good name Furthermore, a great rep. If you like your music with a touch, or overdose, of bass, then the Solo2 is for you. Whether to love listening to music or enjoy creating them, it should be able to impress you with its performance.

The Best Part About The Solo 2?

Convenience. The Solo 2, in all honesty, is a great headphone for people who love heavy bass. It gets pretty loud and it is easy to use. If you always happen to be on the go as well, for instance, a student, active commuter, etc, then this is your type of thing. Its fold easily and sounds great so that’s a win-win too.

User’s Opinions

The best way to get a proper beats solo 2 review is by scouring through the review on authentic and verified buyers of this headphone.

On a positive note, users say that the Solo 2 is easily one of the most loudest and travel-friendly headphone out there. It is furthermore very easy to use despite being wired and all.

On a negative note, many users are fuming over how tightly it fits onto the head, and many users furthermore went on to complain about the quality of the ear cup fabric. It tends to rip.

Our Opinion

We, like most people, are really liking the idea of the Solo 2 headphones. They are lightweight, portable and very good on the ears. If you like bass, you’ll love this guy. However, Reviewsformusicians know and review headphone quite similar to the Solo 2 in terms of performance. The only difference? They are far more affordable and comfortable! Either way, there is something to be said about the power of brand. If you would like to splurge in a more mainstream headphone, then the Solo 2 is perfect for you. If you want value for money, then look elsewhere. If you are not happy you can check the beats mixr review

This concludes our beats solo 2 review for you today. We hope you find our take on this headphone useful for the next time you consider buying it. Regardless of what you choose, it’s your decision that matters most. We are only here to help. Good luck!

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