Best Price Beat Headphones

Best Price Beat Headphones Why The Best And Not Cheap?

Welcome to a new guide Best Price Beat Headphones. We like the music; we do not want to separate from her. We never jump on the metro or the bus, to and from class or work, without listening to a selection of our favorite hits. That’s why we have become so demanding with the headphones. We want the mood of a topic of hip-hop sounds powerful, but also we like that of the guitar sound crystalline.

Are you tired of the fact that your headphones do not produce sound as musical as you wish?

Welcome aboard!!!!! You are in the correct place. We offer you the best price beat headphones of the five best ear Beats, one of the signatures that have revolutionized the sector conquering the ears of more than half the world.

Let’s ride along!

Beats by Dr. Dre, Designer Headphones for Discerning Music Lovers

Dr. Dre does not need presentation amongst the fans of the hip-hop. He is one of the most important producers of musical genres associated with names like N.W.A, 50 Cent, Eminem, 2 Pac, Ice Cube, etc.

Along with also famous musical businessman Jimmy Iovine, formed in 2008 the company Beats Electronics, centres on the production of headphones, and audio accessories. Soon, some Kobe Bryant appeared in some photos with some beats headphone. The gigantic campaign of marketing of the American signature was not late in coming to limelight. Almost overnight, the headphones were achieving an important market share.

Best Price Beat HeadphonesWith a growth in the demand of quality headphones, parallel to the consolidation of the smartphones, Beats was at the correct moment, in the suitable place. So much it is like that, that the almighty Apple put its eyes on her, and bought it in 2014 for approximately 3 million dollars apparently, Apple usually does not give stitch without thread.

These days Munich has made the agreement official to itself between Beats and Bayern, for which the American signature turns into the ‘official receiver’ of the popular Bavarian team. One shows more of that Beats by Dr. Dre trends loudly in marketing.

It is sure that you have seen them on the street or in the metro. The headphones come in various models and colors with the logo ‘b’ on them.  But: are they so good as they seem? Beats offers headphones of the only design, with a big attention to the aesthetic details, wide variety of colors and different status of the price. There is for all tastes. If you like the powerful sound and you always want more seriousness, Beats is your type.

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Top 5 Best Price Beats Headphones

In this section, we reviewed top 5 of the best price beats headphone for you. Let’s see in listBest Price Beat Headphones

  1. Beats Solo 2 Review
  2. Beats Solo 2 Wireless Review
  3. Beats Mixer Review
  4. Beats Pro Headphone review
  5. Beats Studio 2.0 Review

Beats Solo 2 Review

There are the basic headphones and some of most sold off the American signature. They are directed especially for habitual users who look for a few quality headsets but at A suppressed price. Beats Solo 2 is a model with a wide variety of colors, amongst which most target silver of this best price beats headphones.

The remote cable Talk of the exclusive design is provided with buttons to change the song, to modify the volume and to realize calls thanks to its microphone.

Beats Solo 2 Review ink pads have been re-designed aiming for a major service ability and ergonomics, one of the improbable aspects in the first edition of Beat Solo. In this sense, the headsets are more flexible, and the headphones have been turned looking for a major adjustment.

On the other hand, they have incorporated a material of a high quality that the Solo2 removes heat and minimizes sound escape.The aesthetics of these headphones continue the tendency of the American signature, betting for a design of soft lines without visible screws.As for the sound, the Solo2 treats of reverter some criticism that the previous model received as for the quality (and the excess) of the serious ones and the need for the more balanced sharpness.


  • Better sound balance
  • Serviceability
  • Attractive design
  • Colors variety
  • Cable Renickname Talk


  • Improvable isolation
  • The serious frequencies can cover to the rest


If what searches are a few headphones cheap Beats type headset, the Beats Solo 2  is the best option. It is true that they continue without convincing 100 % as for the purity of the sound due to the saturation of the serious ones, but we are a few comfortable, seductive headphones in its aesthetics and with a major balance point about the previous edition.

Let’s check a video of Beats Solo 2 Review

Beats Solo 2 Wireless Review

In our selection of headphones Beats Solo 2 Wireless could not be missing. And on it, we have decided for, the best headphones in 2014 and 2015 according to USA Today, one of the most popular newspapers in the United States.

The fans of music have already agreed that the for wireless headphones that make use of Bluetooth on t mobile devices is in high demand. Beats Solo 2 Wireless is provided in its catalog with two versions of wireless: the one that occupies us, Solo2, and the wireless version of the Studio 2.0. We have chosen for the Solo2 because they are cheaper, with mesmerizing quality.

Of course, the main difference with the Solo2 is that they do not need cable to work, including

rechargeable battery with 12 hours of autonomy. Thanks to the indicator LED of energy; the device warns us if the battery is low. It is necessary to remember that if we remain without battery, the headphones do not work, and you remain without music. So attentive to the indicator.

The system wireless supports up to 9 meters of scope, being provided with a microphone for calls and button of control to fit the sound experience.

The design of the Beats Solo 2 Wireless, like its brother with cable, has been improved trying to optimize the ergonomics. In our opinion, there are a few comfortable headphones, which fit well without creating inconveniences with moderate use.


  • Wireless
  • Comfortable
  • Autonomy
  • Esthetics Beats


  • Less sound balance that in other models Beat
  • No battery, no music.


If you are those that love to chill around the house listening to your favorite music without the hindrance os some wire dragging you back; the Beats Solo 2 Wireless is the most economic Beats option in this segment. They offer a few good general services and esthetic design marks of the house.

You Can Also Check A Video Of Beats Solo 2 Wireless Review

Beats Mixer Review

‘Light and powerful, echoes for DJ,’ it says the promotion of the Beats Mixer. We have a few specific headphones that can be used by a disc jockey in holidays or places of music, without reaching the level of the professional headphones used by the most important disc jockeys. But also, they are perfectly valid for music lovers who look for a clear and powerful sound.

We have already referred in the critiques of the Solo2 and the Studio 2.0 to the ‘legendary’ serious ones of Beats. Between the different models of the signature founded by Dr. Dre perhaps the Beats Mixer is the headphone with seriously the most powerful and audible even with a lot of external noise. If you belong to those that this frequency values before another one, the Beats Mixer will fulfill your expectations.

One of the aspects that mark the difference of the Mixer and other Beats headsets there are the revolving glasses. They can move behind the ear and rotate ahead, typical movement of the DJ to puncture and to mix music.               

With lox Mixer, the American signature has tried to settle two factors hardly combinable in a few headphones: agility and durability. A DJ has to be comfortable with the headsets, but these cannot self-destruct after a pair of meetings. The Mixer expires of notable form, being a few comfortable but sufficiently hard headsets to support enough holidays.


  • Specific design for DJ
  • Burden immense
  • Light but lasting
  • Esthetics Beats


  • Its glass can turn out to be a little small
  • Lacking in balance in the sound frequencies


Do you like puncturing in the holidays with the friends? Occasionally do you do your pintos in your favorite pub? If you look for a few headphones for DJ, powerful and comfortable and want to mark tendency, Beats Mixr is a good option.

Let’s Check This Video Of Beats Mixer Review

Beats Pro Headphone Review

In our selection of headphones Beats of headsets, they have to be the ceiling of the scale of the popular American signature. We speak about the Beats Pro Headphone, which is proud of ‘recovering the quality lost with the modern compression of files.’ We already know that the MP3 does not offer precisely the best sound quality, that’s why Beats Pro Headphone tries to convince the most demanding music lover.

It is necessary to say that they are suitable for DJs since the Mixr is provided with revolving glasses by offering a few finished ones and a few materials of better quality. Also, it includes the technology DaisyChain with double audio ports, another very practical function for disc-jockeys. As other models into Beats cable also incorporate remote Talk to attend to calls.

The sound of the Beats Pro is ‘a cigar Beats.’ What does it mean? Although they are more balanced than other models of lower scale, the serious ones keep on being the kings, having an important preeminence in the sound. If you belong to those that enjoy the music in which these frequencies dominate, Pro de Beats will leave you without breath.

The selection of the materials makes it clear to us that we are before a premium model. They are made of steel, aluminum, and bronze with finished anodized in addition to glasses of quilted skin. Comfortable, lasting and with the only design. Also, the elimination of noise is at the height of the best headphones thanks to the elegant structure of the product and the used materials.


  • Materials and esthetics premium
  • Comfortable
  • Big noise isolation
  • Suitable for DJ


  • Care with the serious ones
  • A little heavy


If you want to have the best ear Beats, do not look any more, the Beats Pro Headphone is the headphones ceiling of the scale of the signature founded by Dr. Dre. With fantastic aesthetics, it offers big services and the most powerful Beats sound.

Let’s Check A Video Of Beats Pro Headphone Review

Beats Studio 2.0 Review

There are the most sold headphones of Beats and a jump of important quality about the Solo2. They are indicated for the demanding users that they trust in the mark and that they prefer to pay a little more and to ensure themselves a few top services.

It includes Beats Acoustic Engine, a software exclusive DSP  whose design has taken part (as it emphasises the mark) proper Dr. Dre. Its target is that of any receiver of high scale: that the music sounds in ours heard as the artist created it.

Some of the critics of Beats point out that they are designed (only) for hip hop. With this software, the American signature tries to convince the fans of other genres like pop, the rock or the electronics.

To the Studio 2.0 be emphasized in other of the aspects is the adaptive cancellation of noises (ANC), a fundamental technology in a few good headphones and that in this case expires too. ANC will fix the balance between the exterior and the music automatically. Also, he allows canceling the exterior noise.

the adaptive cancellation of noises (ANC), a fundamental technology in a few good headphones and that, in this case, expires too. ANC will fix the balance between the exterior and the music automatically. Also, he allows canceling the exterior noise.

technology in a few good headphones and that, in this case, expires too. ANC will fix the balance between the exterior and the music automatically. Also, he allows canceling the exterior noise.

We cannot forget the inclusion of a rechargeable battery of 20 hours, an estimable duration for habitual use. And as for the design, the Studio 2.0 are pure Beats: much ‘cool’ with its soft lines and the wide variety of colors.


  • 13 % lighter than the previous Studio
  • Adaptive cancellation of noises (ANC)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Good sound balance


  • The duration of the ink pads
  • The potency of the shallows can turn out to be excessive


In our opinion, Beats Studio 2.0 offers a jump in quality and services about the Solo2, for which he is worth paying. The sound is purer, obtaining an acceptable balance in different genres. The noise cancellation behaves very well, but the ink pads suffer from continuous use.

Let’s Check A Video Of Beats Studio 2.0 Review

End of this article we want to say, we are trying to honestly review best price beat headphones. Please leave a comment if I mistake any thing.

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