Blue Snowball Microphone Review

Blue Snowball Microphone Review [ Best USB Mic ]

Best USB Mic Blue Snowball Microphone Review

Hi, guys! Welcome back to our article today. We know you are looking for a great quality microphone, Previously we review blue snowball iCE and it was hit with our buyer. which is why you’re here. And well, congratulations! You are at the right place at the right time. Today we will be doing a blue snowball microphone review for you.

blue snowball microphone review

The blue snowball microphone is easily one of the most requested mics from you guys, and we like to deliver. We will cover everything from features to design to your FAQs about this mic so stay tuned and keep reading. Let’s start!

The Blue Snowball Microphone Review

Best USB Mic

Features Of Blue Snowball Microphone

  1. Audio Quality
  2. Polar Pattern
  3. Construction

Audio Quality

Let’s start first and foremost with the very thing that matter to you: sound competence.

The blue snowball microphone is probably one of the best and most favored microphones in its price range. It has a superb consumer rating and is easily a pleaser. And that boils down to the fact that it does offer you a great deal of quality performance. First of all, the blue snowball microphone uses dual capsules, award winning if we may say too, which makes for more clarity and less distortion. It has a frequency response of 40 to18kHz with a word rate of 44.1 kHz/16-bit. Now is it the best mics have to offer in the market at the given moment? Not at all. You’ll get better and more powerful. However, given the retail price of the blue snowball microphone, it is easily one of the more value-packed mics.

Having said that, many users did complain about it offering a very low volume. Are you an iSO user? then Shure MV88 is the best choice for you.

Polar Pattern

Polar pattern decides that direction or side, or angle, whatever floats you boat, the sources of sound should enter the mic. And the blue snowball microphone offers you 2: cardiod and onmidirectional modes.

Cardiod mode accepts sounds from directly in front of the microphone. Great for singing, voiceovers, etc. The sound input is rich and robust.

Omnidirectional mode accepts sound from all around. Best for ASMR, interviews, etc.

Apart from this, the blue snowball microphone also a cardiod mode with a 10 dB pad. This is pretty close to what your regular cardiod mode, except it picks up larger, bolder sounds with more detail.


The blue snowball microphone is an odd-looking, orbish microphone. Not that we don’t like it, though.

The mic is pretty much an orb or ball, which you place on a tripod stand next to your computer, tab, whatever. It comes in 6 different colors. We love choices, of course. And is USB run. Other than that, the mic weighs 1.8 ounces and measures 7.8 x 4.8 x 10 inches in dimensions.

One specific complaint that comes up over and over again is that, despite being compatible with both Mac and Windows, the blue snowball microphone creates quite the tantrum since many systems failed to recognize it at first.


In the box, you have:

  • Snowball USB Microphone
  • Adjustable stand
  • USB cable
  • Users guide

The USB cable is said to be very fragile and poorly made. Comes apart very easily, that is. Not cool.

Who Is The Blue Snowball USB Microphone For?

We recommend that you use the Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone for very light-duty purposes. This mic would therefore be perfect for people who are looking for something to use on Skype, YouTube, chats, etc. it will furthermore do a good on recording music and vocals.

It is a great quality device for the price. But we wouldn’t expect it to perform to the likes of a $1000 mic. We wouldn’t set the standard that high.

Blue Snowball Microphone

The Best Features Of The Blue Snowball USB Microphone

This Blue snowball microphone review is all about bringing out the details.

However, we have the favorite. The best and probably the centerpiece of the Blue snowball microphone is in its dual capsule diaphragm. This offers implementation of a wider variety of tasks and projects and is something we don’t see in such affordable mics these days.

Customers Choice

Let’s Check A Video Of Blue Snowball Microphone Review

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How To Get The Blue Snowball Microphone?

Our Blue snowball microphone should take you directly to Amazon where you can check out the product and then proceed to buy it. Click here  for more details. Apart from this, you can, of course, make in-store purchases from local stores, or what we strongly recommend, purchase directly from Blue mic.mic.mic.mic.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Dual capsule and dual polar pattern
  • Offers 3 modes
  • Good audio quality
  • Comes on a tripod stand 


  • Many systems may fail to detect it initially
  • Poor quality USB cable
  • Low volume

What Do The Users Say About The Blue Snowball Microphone?

Well, as you can guess from our Blue snowball microphone article so far, we have a mixed crowd.

The complaints remain the same: very low and malfunctioning volume, a trash USB cable which won’t last you more than a few months and furthermore not being able to be detected by a few systems. On the other hand, you have people to are swooning over its quality for the price, easy install and setup, polar patterns and design. Most like it, many swear by it, and a few aren’t too happy about it. A very normal, generic and standard reflection of the are swooning over its quality for the price, easy install and setup, polar patterns and design. Most like it, many swear by it, and a few aren’t too happy about it. A very normal, generic and standard reflection of the mic from its users.

Our Verdict

Keep your expectations low and you will love it! The Blue Snowball microphone is undoubtedly a very competent microphone. At least for its price it is! It is compact, easy to use, high quality, and a guilt-free inexpensive mic. Great for all-purpose but light-duty projects. We personally happen to admire and appreciate its dual capsule diaphragm most, and we know for a fact that this mic will have you look twice. Perfect for starter setups!

This concludes our Blue snowball microphone review. Reviewsformusicians hope you enjoyed so far, and of course, found our take on this gem of a mic very useful. Before we say our leave, we strongly recommend that your scour through the user reviews more extensively before making any decision. That’s where tea spills. Good luck and we’ll see you soon!

Click Here To See What Customers Say On 

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