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Best Youtube Microphone Blue Yeti Pro Reviews

Are you a music enthusiast? Are you looking for a product to invest in to start your own Youtube channel or just to record music? Then look no further because this Blue Yeti Pro reviews perfectly for you! This microphone is quite affordable, so it is perfect for just anybody who wants to get a taste of something professional yet within a suitable price range. Not only is it perfect for amateurs but also great for use by the professionals. The Blue Yeti Pro is also compatible with Windows, Linux as well as Macintosh. To top it all off, it is a USB microphone which makes it ever so suited for use everywhere.

Blue Yeti Pro Reviews

Blue Yeti Pro Reviews

Features Of The Blue Yeti Pro 

  1. Polar Pattern choice
  2. Connecting diversity
  3. Display features
  4. Appearance
  5. Internal Features
  6. Compatibility

Polar Pattern Choice

According to the Blue Yeti Pro reviews, we have read, the microphones come with 3 different condenser capsules that are customized specially to fit every consumer’s needs. The Blue Yeti Pro also comes with 4 different types of polar patterns to choose from. They are Cardioid, Stereo, Bidirectional, and Omnidirectional. These types of patterns make it suitable for use for a lot of things.

Most users admit they love the polar pattern choices in giving their Blue Yeti Pro reviews and Audio Technica AT2035 reviews. The Stereo mode is perfect for everyday use, just to record songs or someone’s own voice as it gives natural audio recordings. The Cardioid mode, on the other hand is perfect for a more in-depth usage. This mode is particularly ideal for use during YouTube videos or podcasts. This pattern captures exactly one voice clearly which is right in front of it during recording.

Omnidirectional mode gives itself away with the name itself. The microphone during that mode works from every possible direction. This mode can be used during recording something with a lot of people. Last, but not by any means least, is the Bidirectional Mode. Again, giving away its function through its title – this pattern uses only the front and back part of the microphone which makes it ideal for recording musical instruments or even a conversation between two people.

Connecting Diversity

Blue Yeti Pro reviews are also filled with appreciation for the connectivity the microphone provides. Its USB microphone is one of world’s first that combines 24-bit/192 kHz resolution for digital recording along with analog XLR output. The USB plugin system makes it very easy to use with a simple computer with an automatic software installing and ready to use with any free application or software download. The Yeti Pro is so clear that it gives a couple of times more clarity than the recording of CDs.

Display Features

The Yeti Pro Condenser also comes with highly advanced A-D converter chip and extra analog connection path which enables it to be usable at any professional studio and with the preamp. This amazing condenser microphone also comes with an existing headphone amplifier which provides a zero-intermission time and unambiguous controls over the headphone volume and lots of other features which is controlled by the two control buttons at the back of the microphone. The headphone option allows you hear exactly what you are recording without interruptions and gives you the raw product of your recording which eliminates any echo. It also comes with two similar control buttons on the front, one to simply control the volume and the other to mute if you must cough or simply take a break in between your recordings.


As per the Blue Yeti Pro reviews, the design of this microphone is slick and minimal which is perfect for anyone’s taste. The Yeti Pro is built on a desktop stand. It also comes with a connecting thread at the bottom of the microphone for it to be used on a traditional mic stand. It is visibly very classy and pleasant looking.

The different modes of angle adjustments, when it is on the desktop stand, makes it more appealing in terms of user approachability.

Internal Features

The power required for it to work while plugged in is 5V and 500mA when it is plugged into the USB which decreases to only 48V when plugged in with an analog system. The sensitivity of the Yeti Pro is around 1kHz. The dimensions of this product are 12cm by 12.5cm by 29.5cm which is the perfect size for being portable. It is also presented with a 3m USB cable which gives it a very long length to work around. It is also packed up with a 12 inches XLR Y-cable. Some internal features are present in our best article best microphone for youtube.


The compatibility of this product is the phenomenon as stated by operators in their Blue Yeti Pro reviews. The microphone works with almost every version of Windows XP to the latest Windows 10 with a USB 2.0 speed. It is congruous with a minimum of 256 MB RAM. As for the Macintosh versions, it works with any version of Mac OS 10.6.4 or better. This also uses the USB 2.0 speed with the same 256MB RAM. The Pro Yeti can also be used in the professional studio with the XLR output And something furthermore present in the Blue Yeti Blackout, Blue Snowball iCE


Blue Yeti Pro

Customers Choice

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  • 4 different pattern modes: Stereo, Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Bidirectional
  • USB and XLR compatible: PC, MAC and professional studio.
  • Two types of features: Desktop or Studio
  • Well built
  • Zero- intermission headphone output
  • Different analog circuit
  • 192 kHz/24-bt maximum recording quality
  • A two-year warranty (from retail purchase date)
  • Great Sound
  • Versatile
  • User-friendly


  • Bit expensive
  • Quite heavy
  • Only available in one color – Black
  • Boom Arm
  • Must download the drivers for Windows

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My computer is not recognizing my USB mic.
  • When plugged into your computer with the USB, the microphone tries to connect or communicate with your operating system that triggers existing audio drivers. Please try to download new drivers before using the mic. The new drivers are available on the website and available on the supporting forums for the manufacturer of your operating system.
  • Do I need an interface to control the sensitivity of this mic? Does it record in stereo when used directly via USB without an interface?
  • The microphone set is in stereo mode when set in default. If you want to use other settings, simply change the pattern whenever you need them.
  • I am experiencing a high-pitched voice in my recording.
  • It can occur due to some interference in your recording space. It can also happen because of the mic’s hardware malfunction according to many Blue Yeti Pro reviews. To solve this problem, you can first check your surroundings to eliminate any unwanted noise. If there are a lot of electronics around you such as Wi-Fi modems or gaming consoles, then you should turn them off or move away from the following electronics.

Final Words

In conclusion, the Blue Yeti Pro reviews state that this is a product that is worth trying if you are just diving into the recording world. It is easy to use and comes with so many different features that it is an investment for the long run as it is durable. It also has an appealing appearance which makes it more attractive to both new and experienced consumers of products of this sort. It is a win-win situation.

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