Sennheiser HD 201 Review [ Best Budget Headphones ]

Sennheiser HD 201 Review

Best Budget Headphones Sennheiser HD 201 Review

If you ever think of buying a gift for yourself on your birthday, then a solid over-ear headphone is a great stuff to own. But what happens when you are up for grabbing one but the price of it disappoints you? Thus, we have thought of helping you out with our best budget headphones, because we want to let you know that- these headphones indeed exist. However, we are here to talk about Sennheiser HD 201, an over-ear headphone with a good deal. So with sennheiser hd 201 review, you can decide yourself if you want it or leave?

Sennheiser HD 201 Lightweight Over Headphone

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Sennheiser HD 201 Review

Features Of Sennheiser HD 201

  1. Simple Design In Plastic Materials
  2. Sound Clarity
  3. Durability Doubt
  4. But it’s lightweight Enough To Light Up Your Mood
  5. Stability

Simple Design In Plastic Materials

The first thing that I will talk about in the sennheiser hd 201 review is its building quality. The 201 comes in traditional with a classic combination of grey and black. The most beneficial thing about it is, the headphone will not be over-visible if you take it out with you. And you can simply enjoy using it with ease. But considering the price, you will get the headphone in plastic materials. So if you are looking for the one with metal construction, this part might disappoint you a little.

Sound Clarity

A headphone has no value if it fails to produce great quality sound. And we will never dare to skip this trait in the sennheiser hd 201 review since it is an important feature of a headphone. However, the 201 comes with a neutral sound signature, but you can adjust the sound with an equalizer if you want. So you can note that you will find this headphone versatile enough to satisfy you with their sound quality. Moreover, if you even step outside, you will surely enjoy the sound clarity of the headphone, even in the crowd. And it definitely impresses you with its high-quality sound.

Durability Doubt

We all know that one of the most important traits you look for in a headphone is its long-lasting ability. And we completely understand that the plastic construction of 201 has almost got you upset. The material clearly indicates that they will not be as durable as other models with a higher budget. So you will happen to face occasional snap as you twist or stretch it. However, to highlight the positive side, some parts as in the headband and the ear cups have used thicker plastic which will let the headphone survive few drops and will not get damaged easily.

But it’s lightweight Enough To Light Up Your Mood

Exactly, no matter how much longer they last, the materials will never let you feel uncomfortable. You will get a lot of best budget headphones that come in heavyweight but 201 is completely the opposite. It weighs light enough to wear them for hours. The 201 comes in super low weight and you will definitely enjoy having it with you. Moreover, its soft padding feature certainly ensures that you listen to music for hours and you will never feel burden wearing them. Thus, its lightweight feature is the highlighted part of this over-ear headphone.


The 201 has over-ear cups that are perfect enough to fit well around your ears. Therefore, they are very stable headphones to get. So, if you are engaged in physical activities like jogging, they will barely move and will stay fit around the ears. Hence, they tend to maintain their position extremely well. Not only that, the 201 will not slide off your ears even if it goes through a volatile shake. So, if 201 has some cons sides, it definitely has positive sides as well that make the over-ear headphone worth buying.


  • Cord Length: 9.8 ft.
  • Delivers strong, bass-driven sound.
  • Leatherette ear pads.

Customers Choice

Who Is It For?

The Sennheiser HD 201 is for those who are looking for the best budget headphones. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, then this headphone is perfect for you. It weighs light and produces the great sound that has impressed many music lovers. Moreover, if you are cool with its plastic construction, then this is definitely an ideal thing to grab.

Best Parts Of The Product

The Sennheiser HD 201 comes with easy wear features, which means that it weighs light and your head will never go tilted for its weight. Moreover, it is not only light but also stays stable in the messiest shake. The over-ear cups fit well and will let you listen to music with its superb sound quality and something furthermore present in the Sennheiser HD 202 ii, Sennheiser HD 600, HD 598 and HD 558. So within a reasonable budget, you will get a cool headphone with the features that most of the people look for.

Sennheiser HD 201

Purchasing The Product

Talking about where to get the headphones from, you could buy it from any music outlet near the place you live. Or you can go to popular online shopping sites. You can check them out on this sites , eBay or Walmart. You will find it in their search option.

Let’s Check A Video Of Sennheiser HD 201 Review


  • It is lightweight.
  • It stays stable even in wobbly movement.
  • It comes at reasonable
  • The sound quality is decent.
  • It comes in a classic
  • It is comfortable to wear.


  • It comes in plastic construction.
  • It is not very durable.
  • It produces great sound except for lows.
  • It might crack while twisting the headphone.

What Do Users Say

  • I wanted a cheaper, yet high-quality headphone to travel with. I went with HD 201 and they are great!
  • HD 201 headphones are very much cheaper, but that doesn’t mean the quality isn’t there. The tone is first and the Loudness is really good, I listen to all kinds of the music and there has not been a genre which has not sounded really.
  • Definitely high-quality The sound quality is good.
  • These earphones consider bass and treble very well without having to adopt some equalizer settings.
  • It is okay that it’s plastic but for its cheaper price I am not expecting some metal but it’s good quality plastic and does not feel cheap.


The purpose of this sennheiser hd 201 review is not to let you know the positive side of the headphone but its negative side as well. Yet, other than the material, the headphone definitely deserves to stay with you for its other trait. Since it delivers impressive performance, you can get one and gift it to yourself. So, we think Sennheiser has indeed thought about the expense of the people and has put a cheaper rate on a great headphone so that people can have it easily. Hope with this sennheiser hd 201 review, you will be able to decide yourself that if you want to have it or not.

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Rode Videomic Go Review Amazon [Best Video Mic]

Rode Videomic Go Design

Best Video Mic Rode Videomic Go Review

Great microphones are plenty. Good microphone for a camera is what’s hard to find these days. And it is therefore very important to get a proper camera mic in a time and era where we take our camera and camera phones inside the bathroom.. literally. No kidding. And on that note, today we will be trying our hand on one such microphone: the Rode VMGO Video Mic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone with a proper rode videomic go review.

Rode Videomic Go Review


The rode videomic go is an on-camera microphone from a thousand other on-camera mics. Stay tuned to find out if it has what it takes to make the cut. Let’s start!

The Rode Videomic Go Review

Features Of Rode Videomic Go

  1. Audio Quality
  2. Polar Pattern
  3. Construction

Audio Quality

Here’s the recipe for the perfect film, and a great memory: great filming + greater audio.

And thus, with a great camera, you need a mic that complements it. The rode video go mic pretty darn close. Let’s start off by taking a look at the specs. First of all, the frequency response up for offer goes from 100 Hz to 20k Hz. It furthermore offers Maximum SPL of 120dB SPL (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KΩ load), sensitivity of 35.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (17.80mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz and Equivalent Noise Level (A-weighted) of 34dB-A.

Here’s the problem though, this thing can create ear bleeding statics and pops, at times. Not the end of the world, but it obviously doesn’t get any better outdoors….. .which is pretty much the major purpose of getting an on-cam mic. Isn’t too bright in terms of volume either. However, we have seen worse sell for higher prices. Best on-cam mic? Nah. Best on-camera mic for the price? Absolutely! The audio capture is smooth, fluent and very detailed for a mic that small and affordable.

Polar Pattern

Polar pattern, basically, is direction or side or angle from which the source of sound should enter the mic.

And the polar pattern for the rode videomic go is in super cardioid mode.  Now, before we get to super cardioid, it is important that you know what cardioid is. The cardioid mode is when you have to project the source of your sound directly in front of the mic. Therefore, a super cardioid offers the same, but with a little more coverage on the rear back. It is close to a bidirectional or figure-8 mic, but with a one side getting more attention than the other, if you get what we mean.


The rode videomic go is more of less entirely made out of high-quality ABD plastic, minus the pop filter and another internal part, of course.

It doesn’t need a battery and therefore runs on your camera’s power. It is run by a headphone 3.5mm jack instead of your traditional USB which also serves it the purpose of being a super light and compact mic. Speaking of which, this guy weighs 2.6 ounces, one of the lightest con-cams from Rode, and furthermore measures 10 x 3 x 7 inches in dimensions. Finally, for the main component, the base of the mic has a clasp-like holder which you can clasp onto your DSLR and phone cams. Perfect for use on iOS devices and furthermore talk about the Shure MV88 is also perfect for iSO device.

Customers Choice

Who Is The Rode Videomic Go For?

If you are looking for some very basic recording of some lightweight and light-duty things like demo a skating, some outdoor family rec, voiceovers, etc, then this may be it. Great for short videographies.

We definitely wouldn’t recommend it for anything like Skype, interviews, and most importantly, musical recordings. Nah-uh! Why? The Rode VMGO Video Mic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone, as per our check, is terribly annoying with those static pops. Won’t serve the purpose.

Rode Videomic Go

Best Part Of This Product

There honestly not much to the Rode VMGO Video Mic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone other than its compact size and teeny tiny weight to make it go by.

But if it’s any consolation, we do furthermore appreciate how well it cancels out background noises while recording, even outdoors. There’s also some hope to it being a very affordable alternative for low-budget consumers with low expectations.

Very low expectations.

We are clearly trying extremely hard to like this one.

Let’s Check A Video Of Rode Videomic Go Review

Purchasing The Rode Videomic GORode Videomic Go Design

Click on the link mentioned in our rode videomic go review to take to directly to Amazon where you can check it out and take it to the cart for purchase. Free shipping for Prime. Doesn’t come in color/design variations but you will definitely find a few add-ons or bundle offers.


  • Tiny and lightweight; portable
  • Okay background noise cancelation
  • No batteries necessary
  • Comes with a yearlong warranty; extendable to 2


  • Terrible static, hissing, popping sounds

What Do The Users Have To Say About The Rode Videomic GO?

Alright, like with reviews of most products, the rode videomic go also has positive responses from the majority. Some love how tiny it is, some people love its affordability, some think it does the great cancellation, yadda yadda. The list obviously goes on.

However, one complain that remains a constant in these reviews is the constant hissing and static noises that will cook your brains well done. Now, not all users faced this, but most did.


The rode videomic go is a good mic. No, it really is! But only if your expectations are very,  very low. Don’t get us wrong, it more or less excels in every feature and details, and we really did try our best to see the best in it, but it’s the noises. It is those annoying, loud, ear piercing hissing noises that break the deal for us. A little is fine, every mic does it every now and then, but the rode videomic go has crossed the border for us. A bad noodle.

This concludes our rode videomic go review. This review is entirely a reflection of our personal like and dislikes, and opinions. Reviewsformusicians honestly review the rode videomic go that’s the reason of best. At the end of the day, you are the main decider. You just may like, then again, you just may not. Choose wisely. Good luck!

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Samson Go Mic Review [ Best USB Condenser Mic ]

Samson Go Mic Review

Best USB Condenser Mic Samson Go Mic Review

Welcome to our new article Samson go mic review. Finding great quality mics aren’t that tough if you are willing to spend lavishly. But finding a quality mic that works great and will not cost much? Now, that some unicorn level imagination right there. However, we like challenges. Today, in our article we are going to cover a samson go mic review for you.

Samson Go Mic Review

The samson go mic is one of the most requested for, and we are on a mission to unveil everything about it to you guys. Stay tuned and keep reading if you want to find out if samson go mic has got your name written on it. Let’s start!

Best Cheap USB Samson Go Mic Review

Features Of  Samson Go Mic

  1. Size
  2. Audio Quality
  3. Polar Pattern
  4. Construction


Before we even start looking into any other feature of the Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone, our samson go mic is first and foremost going look into the size of this thing.

The samson go mic is visibly one of the most petite mic out there. And this is feature alone is a selling point for many, many people! It in fact so tiny that you could carry the whole setup in your pocket. This makes it great of outdoor recording, travel and trips, and just a more convenient recording experience in total. We like.

Audio Quality

Now, many of us have a conception that small mics equal small performance. And well, even though it is correct to some point, the samson go mic is here to shatter that idea.

The mic offers you 16-bit, 44.1kHz resolution over a frequency response of 20Hz–18kHz. This teeny tiny of mic packs quite the punch for its size. And yes, although it isn’t the best in the world, the samson go mic is still offering you heaps when you compare the price to performance ratio. Overall, the audio competence is admirable and the results are smooth, loud and crisp.

There are a new “maybe” problems we do want our readers to know about, however. Many users let us know that the mic creates the very annoying hissing noise we are all aware of. It furthermore picks up a lot of background noise. Well, therefore definitely not your ideal music recorder, but does lightweight tasks exceptionally well.

Polar Pattern

Polar pattern, for those who don’t know, is basically the angle, direction or side the source of sound should reach the mic system.

As for the samson go mic, we are very surprised, in a good way of course, that this puny of a mic offers you not 1, but 2 polar patterns! You get a cardioid mode where you can project the sound from directly in front of the mic. The results are therefore very detailed and focused. And you finally have your omnidirectional mode where you can record from all sides of the mic. You can therefore record some very all-directional, all-surrounding recording from this mode.


And finally, let’s look over the body and build of the samson go mic.

When we said the samson go mic was tiny, we weren’t kidding. The thing measures
6 x 1 x 5 inches in dimensions and a furthermore 6.4 ounces in weight. Ridiculous, In this purchase, you get the mic, the mic holder and the USB cab. along with the usually manual and instructions, of course. Oh, and it is USB run so you can use it with both Pc and Mac. Speaking of Mac, this mic thankfully comes with a 1/8” headphone jack. Just saying.

Who Is The Samson Portable USB Condenser Microphone For?

This mic is great for some lightweight, light-duty projects like podcasting, field rec, chatting, Skype, and so on. And although it claims to be just as great for dictations and all, we are not so sure about that part due to it background noise pickup.

If you want some good recording with the bulk, then we highly recommend the Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone for you! The Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone is probably one of the most fuss-free, hassle-free mics you can use. If you happen to do a lot of outdoor recording when carrying an arsenal is a strain, this mic is your guy. We are personally a great fan of its holder!

Samson Go Mic

The Best Part About The Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone?

Speaking of which, for us, the best part about this mic is its mic holder.

Yes, we like the mic itself, but the holder it’s just a genius design! It does in fact serves dual purpose of serving both as a holder and a table stand. First of all, you have clasp this on the monitor of your PC, tab, and maybe even a phablet. Second, it works as a stand to hold the mic next your computer on a flat surface, like a table. The holder will furthermore snap to become more compact than it already is. So much so that it fits into your pockets as well! Do you hear about Shure sm7b and Shure mv88? This is our popular review as customer demand and we also talk about the samson in our article best microphone for youtube.

Let’s Check A Video Of Samson Go Mic Review

Getting The Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

Our samson go mic review provide you with the product link which takes you directly to Amazon where you can view and furthermore proceed to purchase with. You should be able to get it within 1 to 2-day delivery.

However, this mic is available for in-store sale as well, given how popular and in-demand it is. We personally recommend that you purchase it directly from Samsom retailer to get the best deal out of your dollar. And don’t be surprised if you don’t see design variations on it since the samson go mic comes in a single design, for now. Silver mic and black holder. That’s it.

Customers Choice


  • Tiny and compact; portable
  • Works on both Mac and PC
  • Foldable multifunctional mic holder
  • Good audio quality
  • Comes with a USB cable, cable clip and carry case


  • High background noise pickup
  • Short lifespan

User Opinions

Like all product reviews, the Samson go mic as well as 2 sides:

The Good

The positives are that it is a very affordable and portable mic. People are obsessing over the mic holder and we are in fact just as well. The quality is good for the size and price, and most users readily prefer using this for Skype and another light-duty recording.

The Bad

On the downside, this mic won’t seem to last you long. It in fact tends to give up out of the blue for no evident reason at all. The background noise is furthermore an issue as well. Not deemed the best music or vocal recorders.


No product is perfect, and the samson go mic is far from it. You have the random pops and hissing, the background noise and of course, the short lifespan. It is therefore not the best you can do. However, for that price, the samson go mic is maybe one of the toughest deals to pass. It does a great job for its size and price. That is all. A perfect start mic, an ideal travel partner- all for less than 50 bucks? We are in!

This concludes our samson go mic review. Reviewsformusicians hope you enjoyed so far, and of course, got an in-depth look into this neat little mic. Our job here is done. Take care and choose wisely!

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Shure SM7B Review [ best mic for vocals ]

Shure SM7B Review

Best Vocals Mic Shure SM7B Review

Microphones, while serving the same purpose, comes specially designed for specific tasks. You have something for interviews, something for Skype, and something else for a meeting. Now, what should you get if you are an aspiring singer and star in the making? What’s the best mic for vocals and music? Well, you have come to the right place. Hello and welcome to our article. Today, we will be doing a Shure sm7b review for you! The only review you will need.

Shure SM7B Review

The Shure sm7b mic comes from one of the most popular brands, and this model has been a subject of conversation for quite a while now. It isn’t furthermore the most affordable for tight budgeters, so we want you to know what you are jumping into. Let’s start

The Shure SM7B Review

Features Of Shure SM7B

  1. Audio Quality
  2. Polar Pattern
  3. Construction

Audio Quality

The sound aspect is obviously the most prime feature to look into when purchasing a mic for musical arts. And the Shure sm7b review does any but disappoint.

First of all, let’s start off by covering the basic yet fundamental specs on this thing. You have a frequency response which lets from 5k Hz to a good 20k Hz for a flatter, wider-range coverage that works great on instruments but is furthermore perfect for speech and vocals. The bass roll-offs and midrange is excellent. Apart from being an amazing recorder, the SM7B furthermore does a wonderful rejecting electromagnetic hum generated by computer monitors, neon lights, and other electrical devices, all thanks to its internal air suspension shock isolation. Off topic, but you have even have recognized this guy from MJ’s Thriller album. Overall, the mic is loud, very detailed, offers amazing background noise rejection and is furthermore very loud yet crisp.

BUT. Beyond all its powerful performance, however, there seems to be a slight itsy bitsy problem with how it doesn’t reject ambient noise or sounds too well. This more or less means that the mic is more biased towards a proper studio setting than a raw, unprepared setting.

Polar Pattern

Polar pattern plays huge parts in the type of mic you should get. This feature simply decides the direction your sound should be coming from and hit the mic.

As for the Shure sm7b, you get cardioid mode. Now, before you lose your mind and click out for paying such a premium price for a cardioid-only mic, hear us out. The more polar pattern doesn’t mean better performance. It just means more versatility in terms of application. And the Shure sm7b is specifically made for music in all its glory, vocals and instrumentals. For which, the cardioid is the only mode you’ll need and appreciate. Apart from that, the coverage on the Shure sm7b with its cardioid mode is very forgiving. In other words, you can, to some extent, off-direction instead of singing right from the front.


Our Shure sm7b review would go on for days if we had to cover its construction and design ingenuity in detail.

The Shure sm7b, for starters, is 2.2 pounds and measures 13.5 x 7 x 4.5 inches in dimensions. It is therefore clearly not your most portable guy. But then again, it doesn’t need to be when it is a studio grade mic. You can use it off amount or on a stand. Speaking of which, purchase includes:

  • foam windscreen
  • close-talk windscreen
  • Locking yoke mount
  • Instructions and manual

The base of the mic swivels so you can set it to almost all angles. Apart from the pop filter on the mic makes sure that the usual suspects: pops, statics, and thumps, are filtered out to the max!

Who Is The Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone For?

If you are a vocal artist, singer, instrumental artists, drummer, guitarist, etc, then the Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone should be a staple for you.

Thanks to its amazing frequency response (with frequency response caps for mild and high boosts), this mic does a wondering job with your instruments. A little expensive for general budgeters, yes. But totally worth the investment if you love what you do and are passionate about creating art. If you are looking great quality low price microphone then you should check our Samson go mic review.

Shure SM7B

The Best Feature

Each and every detail seems to be a winner with the Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone. It isn’t an industry and studio standard recording mic for nothing, folks. For us, however, what stood out the most was its noise rejection.

All thanks to its air suspension and quality pop filter, the mic manages to cancel out anything but what you want it to hear. As for background noise, even that it to a minimum. And whatever it does pick up, it almost melds it to complement main sound. Kind of genius.

Customers Choice

Let’s Check A Video Of Shure SM7B Review

Purchasing the Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone

The product link on this Shure sm7b is going to take you directly to Amazon where you can view and furthermore proceed to purchase it. It comes in a single color/design and you are most likely to get it on a 1-day delivery and free shipping for Prime.

However, for a mic so premium (both in quality and in price), we recommend that you make an in-store purchase or buy directly from Shure retailer.


  • Excellent audio quality; studio grade
  • Great noise rejection
  • Durable and well-built
  • Will mount or stand
  • Includes foam windscreen, close-talk windscreen, and locking yoke mount


  • Poor ambient noise rejection
  • May need a preamp; low gain

What Do its Users Say?

Only Good Things.

Most of its udders are artists, no surprise there. And they are swooning over it. It is overall a very detailed mic. Shure knows mic and the SM7B is a proof of it.

On The Downside. 

However, there were a few complaints where a handful of users felt that failed to eliminate ambient noise. It may furthermore require a preamp due to its low gain.


So! Where does the Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone stand with us? Well, it is expensive, that’s for Shure MV88 get it? And its got a few flaws of its own when you consider the gain and ambient noise elimination. But boy is it a winner! The Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone is in use inside almost every studio from the 70s for one reason and one reason only: quality. And for quality, Reviewsformusicians just may be willing to pay the price. We like!

This is the concludes our shure sm7b. Now that everything’s on the table, it’s your turn to decide! Good luck.

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Shure MV88 Review [ Best iOS Condenser Mic ]

Shure MV88 Design

Best iOS Condenser Mic Shure MV88 Review

One of the most popular brands “Shure” has pleased us via releasing a microphone MV88. It belongs to fresh line that you can call “MOTIV Digital Mics”. We all know the fact that the microphones for Apple devices are widely popular for their performance. And talking about MV88, it is no different. So we will let you know about the microphone with our shure mv88 review. And in this write, you will get a lot of information that we will talk about.We would also like to highlight that the model has achieved an award at the 31st NAMM show in the nomination for Smartphones and tablets. Thus, let we start the shure mv88 all features.

Shure MV88 Review


Best iPhone Microphone Shure MV88 Review

Features Of Shure MV88

  1. The Construction
  2. The Sound Entry
  3. The Smart MOTIV App
  4. Experience While Eating An Apple Maybe

The Construction

The first thing to highlight the shure mv88 review is about its appearance. The MV88 is definitely one of the most elegant and stylish microphones that we have come across. It is engineered with chicness and you will surely fall in love with this piece. Moreover, the mic comes in the fully metal coat that enhances the class of the model. Additionally, the hinge of the mic is another positive part that can rotate up to 90 degrees. So, you can able to point the microphone to the sound source even when you are occupied with recording anything. So, it is a very useful piece to have.

The Sound Entry

Another reason to give this shure mv88 is for its sound recording quality. The device is based on a condenser tech, hence it is the best pick to record anything. It gives the best and the clearest stereo sound to prove it an ideal piece. Another best thing about this little piece is it eliminates all the tiny noises to deliver clear sound. Moreover, being an engineering piece, it tends to give Frequency response ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz sound quality, with 24Bit/48kHz sample rate and 37dBFS sensitivity. So, even though it is not eligible for the studio, but you can get a great piece with high-quality sound recording just via using an iOS device. If you need low price good sound quality microphone then Blue Snowball Microphone for you.

The Smart MOTIV App

You will need to install the app to control the microphone and it is super easy just like installing other app. After you are done with installing you will be needing to run the app after getting the permission. However, with the app, you can record a stereo signal from the microphone while controlling its gain and stereo width. Besides, it also comes with more smart features like EQ, wind reduction, limiting, compression, channels swap and polar pattern. Talking about the patterns, they include adjustable width stereo, raw mid-side, mono bidirectional, and mono cardioid. Besides, there are 5 preset modes: Speech, Acoustic, Singing, Band and Flat that you just need to press button to work with them. So, the app tends to optimize your sound on the move. Not only that, you can also share your files via text, SMS or email with the app.

Experience While Eating An Apple Maybe

The only limitation that you can get in the microphone is its compatibility with iOS devices only. So if you own an iOS device, you can use it with easy, while it is a sad news for the android and window users one. But still there are limitations for iPhone users as well, since the mic will work only with iOS 7.0 or higher for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, for iPad Mini 1st generation, iPad Mini 2nd generation and iPad Mini 3rd Generation, for iPad 4th generation; for iPod touch 5th generation; for iPad, iPad Air and iPad Air 2.

Inside The Box

You will get a windsock, a small carrying case and a headphone adapter cable for monitoring with the model. And I think the accessories are enough that you need with the piece as these are the essential stuff for a microphone.

Who Is It For

It is definitely for the people who want a rich quality microphone. However, the Shure MV88 is ideal for the people who have access to iOS devices as it is compatible with such device only. Moreover, if people are looking for a mic that will provide high quality studio like sound recording, then this little piece is absolutely worth buying. Are you need great quality low price microphone? yes, then you should check Samson Go mic Review.

Shure MV88

Best Parts Of The Product

There are lots of advantages you can enjoy for having this model. One of the best parts of the product is that it comes with a variety of options with rich features. It captures live performance via recording with clarity. Moreover, you can even do Vlogs with the piece. Besides, it tends to record both vocals and instruments and eliminates noise to provide clarity. Not only that, you can adjust the stereo, mono, mono-bidirectional modes and something furthermore Shure sm7b as well as a raw mid-side mode via the MOTIV app. And this app is another best part of the product. If you are a professional reporter or youtuber then you can check Rode videomic go review.

Customers Choice

Purchasing The Product

It is wise to buy the product from the sites if you are planning to get it from online. Yet, if you still want some recommendations, then we would suggest you to get it from sites like Amazon eBay and Walmart. Since they are popular for their authenticities and fast delivery, you can check out the model from there.

Let’s Check A Video Of Shure MV88 Review


  • It records the sound with clear detail.
  • It eliminates noise while recording.
  • The hinge of the mic can turn up to 90 degrees.
  • It comes with 5 preset modes and 4 adjustable polar patterns.
  • The Motiv app lets you optimize the sound and you can share files with the app.


  • You can use the microphone only with iOS devices.
  • It is a bit expensive.
  • You can take off your phone case to fit the microphone.

What Do Users Say

  • The microphone is really good. I have actually recorded two radio commercials using the microphone in my studio and you will never be able to tell the difference.
  • It is an outstanding mini microphone and provides insanely better sound quality.
  • The Motiv iPhone App is very intuitive with having many features to enhance your recording based on the environment you are working in.
  • It really works well at cutting down surrounding noise when set to a cardioid pattern.
  • It has great bass, nice separation, wide soundstage.


We would like to end the shure mv88 review with telling you that the little piece has everything that makes it perfect. Although it has only a major downside which is iOS compatible. But if you own an iPhone, you can do wonders with this microphone. Starting from its great performance to its super sound recording quality, to its looks, it is one of the best models that Shure has released. You can utilize all the advantages of the little guy once you grab it. And trust us, these are the reason for which Reviewsformusicians thought of providing a Shure mv88 review guide.

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Blue Snowball Microphone Review [ Best USB Mic ]

Blue Snowball Microphone Review

Best USB Mic Blue Snowball Microphone Review

Hi, guys! Welcome back to our article today. We know you are looking for a great quality microphone, Previously we review blue snowball iCE and it was hit with our buyer. which is why you’re here. And well, congratulations! You are at the right place at the right time. Today we will be doing a blue snowball microphone review for you.

blue snowball microphone review

The blue snowball microphone is easily one of the most requested mics from you guys, and we like to deliver. We will cover everything from features to design to your FAQs about this mic so stay tuned and keep reading. Let’s start!

The Blue Snowball Microphone Review

Features Of Blue Snowball Microphone

  1. Audio Quality
  2. Polar Pattern
  3. Construction

Audio Quality

Let’s start first and foremost with the very thing that matter to you: sound competence.

The blue snowball microphone is probably one of the best and most favored microphones in its price range. It has a superb consumer rating and is easily a pleaser. And that boils down to the fact that it does offer you a great deal of quality performance. First of all, the blue snowball microphone uses dual capsules, award winning if we may say too, which makes for more clarity and less distortion. It has a frequency response of 40 to18kHz with a word rate of 44.1 kHz/16-bit. Now is it the best mics have to offer in the market at the given moment? Not at all. You’ll get better and more powerful. However, given the retail price of the blue snowball microphone, it is easily one of the more value-packed mics.

Having said that, many users did complain about it offering a very low volume. Are you an iSO user? then Shure MV88 is the best choice for you.

Polar Pattern

Polar pattern decides that direction or side, or angle, whatever floats you boat, the sources of sound should enter the mic. And the blue snowball microphone offers you 2: cardiod and onmidirectional modes.

Cardiod mode accepts sounds from directly in front of the microphone. Great for singing, voiceovers, etc. The sound input is rich and robust.

Omnidirectional mode accepts sound from all around. Best for ASMR, interviews, etc.

Apart from this, the blue snowball microphone also a cardiod mode with a 10 dB pad. This is pretty close to what your regular cardiod mode, except it picks up larger, bolder sounds with more detail.


The blue snowball microphone is an odd-looking, orbish microphone. Not that we don’t like it, though.

The mic is pretty much an orb or ball, which you place on a tripod stand next to your computer, tab, whatever. It comes in 6 different colors. We love choices, of course. And is USB run. Other than that, the mic weighs 1.8 ounces and measures 7.8 x 4.8 x 10 inches in dimensions.

One specific complaint that comes up over and over again is that, despite being compatible with both Mac and Windows, the blue snowball microphone creates quite the tantrum since many systems failed to recognize it at first.


In the box, you have:

  • Snowball USB Microphone
  • Adjustable stand
  • USB cable
  • Users guide

The USB cable is said to be very fragile and poorly made. Comes apart very easily, that is. Not cool.

Who Is The Blue Snowball USB Microphone For?

We recommend that you use the Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone for very light-duty purposes. This mic would therefore be perfect for people who are looking for something to use on Skype, YouTube, chats, etc. it will furthermore do a good on recording music and vocals.

It is a great quality device for the price. But we wouldn’t expect it to perform to the likes of a $1000 mic. We wouldn’t set the standard that high.

Blue Snowball Microphone

The Best Features Of The Blue Snowball USB Microphone

This Blue snowball microphone review is all about bringing out the details.

However, we have the favorite. The best and probably the centerpiece of the Blue snowball microphone is in its dual capsule diaphragm. This offers implementation of a wider variety of tasks and projects and is something we don’t see in such affordable mics these days.

Customers Choice

Let’s Check A Video Of Blue Snowball Microphone Review

How To Get The Blue Snowball Microphone?

Our Blue snowball microphone should take you directly to Amazon where you can check out the product and then proceed to buy it. Click for more details. Apart from this, you can, of course, make in-store purchases from local stores, or what we strongly recommend, purchase directly from Blue mic.mic.mic.mic.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Dual capsule and dual polar pattern
  • Offers 3 modes
  • Good audio quality
  • Comes on a tripod stand 


  • Many systems may fail to detect it initially
  • Poor quality USB cable
  • Low volume

What Do The Users Say About The Blue Snowball Microphone?

Well, as you can guess from our Blue snowball microphone article so far, we have a mixed crowd.

The complaints remain the same: very low and malfunctioning volume, a trash USB cable which won’t last you more than a few months and furthermore not being able to be detected by a few systems. On the other hand, you have people to are swooning over its quality for the price, easy install and setup, polar patterns and design. Most like it, many swear by it, and a few aren’t too happy about it. A very normal, generic and standard reflection of the are swooning over its quality for the price, easy install and setup, polar patterns and design. Most like it, many swear by it, and a few aren’t too happy about it. A very normal, generic and standard reflection of the mic from its users.

Our Verdict

Keep your expectations low and you will love it! The Blue Snowball microphone is undoubtedly a very competent microphone. At least for its price it is! It is compact, easy to use, high quality, and a guilt-free inexpensive mic. Great for all-purpose but light-duty projects. We personally happen to admire and appreciate its dual capsule diaphragm most, and we know for a fact that this mic will have you look twice. Perfect for starter setups!

This concludes our Blue snowball microphone review. Reviewsformusicians hope you enjoyed so far, and of course, found our take on this gem of a mic very useful. Before we say our leave, we strongly recommend that your scour through the user reviews more extensively before making any decision. That’s where tea spills. Good luck and we’ll see you soon!

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Blue Snowball Ice Review [Best Mic For Youtube]

Blue Snowball Ice Review

Best Mic For Youtube Blue Snowball Ice Review

We previously did a review on a Blue Snowball Microphone and it was a hit with you guys! Consequently, we have also been getting a lot of request for a blue snowball ice review which happens to be one of the most popular mics from the company. So here we are! Hello and welcome to our article. Today we will be exposing and exploring the Blue Snowball ICE Condenser Microphone through our blue snowball ice article!

blue snowball ice review

Everything you need to know, every feature, every detail and every flaw; we got you covered on this one! If you are looking forward to buying the blue snowball ice mic, then this review is just what you need. Let’s start!

Blue Snowball Ice Review

Features Of Blue Snowball Ice

  1. Sound Quality
  2. Polar Pattern
  3. Construction

Sound Quality

The audio aspect is the most important feature of a proper microphone so we want to first of all pick at this topic.

The blue snowball ice mic uses a single custom condenser capsule. This makes for very crisp, detailed and focused audio performance. Now! Have we seen better? Absolutely! No doubt there. But the blue snowball ice mic is easy of the few mics out there that are offering such audio competence at this ridiculously low retail price. Makes for an amazing starter mic for your setup. The blue snowball ice mic isn’t one of the best rated and top selling mics online for nothing!

Quick note though, not many users seem to be fans of how timid the volume of the mic sounds so yeah.. . def not your studio grade stuff.

Polar Pattern

Polar pattern, simply put, is direction or side or angle from which the source of sound should enter the mic.

As for the Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone, it offers you a single polar pattern. The mic offers you cardioid mode, only. Now, what is that? Cardioid mode simply means that you will need to project your sound source from directly in front of the mic. The result is rich and robust sounding and is therefore perfect for solos, voiceovers, etc And something furthermore present in the Blue Yeti BlackoutBlue Yeti Pro.


The construction and build of the Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone is very simple yet catchy.

Much like most of Blue mic’s microphones, the iCE mic is a very tiny, very compact, globe-looking orb or ball. For your info, measures 10.6 x 5.5 x 9.1 inches in dimensions and weighs 1.7 ounces, only. Sits perfectly on tables beside your computer. The orb sits on a tripod stand and is USB powered. It is furthermore compatible with both Mac and PC without having to install any drivers. Cool.

But, there’s a but. Contradicting that convenience is that what many users had to say. Many users complained of the Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone failing to connect to their systems. They go unrecognized or cut off. One other complain we came across with this mic is its lifespan. It works well while it lasts, but it doesn’t seem to last too well. Not so flawless after all!


In The Box, You Should Get

  • The mic… .. duh
  • Tripod desk stand
  • USB cable
  • Instructions and manual

Who is the Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone for?

So! With all that features and all that flaws, where does mic actually stand?

Well, if you are someone who’s looking for something very basic, affordable and something get some very light-duty work done, then this it. And with the single polar pattern, the cardioid mode that is, the Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone be that mode is, iCE Condenser Microphone is done would solo projects like voiceovers, narrations, Skype, and maybe some light music/vocal recording.

The Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone is therefore not the most pristine and powerful mic out there, but that’s also what makes it perfect for starter setups.

What Stands Out About The Blue Snowball ICE Condenser Microphone?

Well, to begin with, the Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone is a very basic mic in the first place.

And that, majorly, contribute to what we personally love so much about it: affordability! The Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone is ridiculously inexpensive and within reach. This makes it perfect for all those low-budget aspiring YouTubers and content creators without having to feel hopeless. It is a great mic to start and not feel bad about. A silver lining!

Blue Snowball Ice

Purchasing The Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone

You can click on the product link of the mic mentioned in our blue snowball ice article to take you right to Amazon where you can check the mic out and furthermore proceed to purchase it. Costs no more than your gas station haul and you should probably get a 2-day shipping as well.mic out and furthermore proceed to purchase it. Costs no more than your gas station haul and you should probably get a 2-day shipping as well.

It comes in 2 colors: black and white. Not bad. One thing we strongly recommend is that you purchase in-store, or even better, purchase directly from Blue mic retail store.

Customers Choice

Let’s Check A Video Of Blue Snowball iCE Review


  • Tiny and compact, therefore portable
  • Great starter mic; ideal for light-duty projects
  • Good audio quality
  • Comes in 2 colors


  • Short lifespan
  • Low volume

Users’ Opinions

There are always 2 sides to a story and a mic. And if you want to know where the secrets are loose, then dive right into the user opinion section!mic. And if you want to know where the secrets are loose, then dive right into the user opinion section!

As for our a blue snowball ice review, most users thoroughly enjoy using it. It is cheap as air, teeny tiny, portable, easy to setup and does its job pretty well for its price. However, there is a second side. The blue snowball ice mic is said to have a terribly short lifespan. Something always seems to go wrong.

Your system may not recognize it, orb cracks or worse, the mic doesn’t work at all. And then, we furthermore have the volume issue. Too low and timid, that is. Even at its highest setting.setup and does its job pretty well for its price. However, there is a second side. The blue snowball ice mic is said to have a terribly short lifespan. Something always seems to go wrong. Your system may not recognize it, orb cracks or worse, the blue mic doesn’t work at all. And then, we furthermore have the volume issue. Too low and timid, that is. Even at its highest setting.

Our Verdict

Here’s the thing: no product is perfect and performance come for a price. And then a blue snowball ice mic is the perfect example. Although we admit that we love it, at the end of the day, it isn’t a huge performer. Having said that, for the price you are paying for it, it is totally worth it. Just remember not to expect it sound like a million dollar mic….  .because it is not! Overall, Reviewsformusicians like it.mic is the perfect example. Although we admit that we love it, at the end of the day, it isn’t a huge performer. Having said that, for the price you are paying for it, it is totally worth it. Just remember not to expect it sound like a million dollar mic….  .because it is not! Overall, we like it.

This concludes our a blue snowball ice review. Thanks for staying with us. Good luck!

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Bose QuietComfort 15 Review Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 15 Review

Best Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones Bose QuietComfort 15 Review

Bose is a company synonymous with quality and powerful performance. And one of the most favorite products from its huge line of products is its headphones. You know where we are going with this, right? Hello and welcome to our article today. Today we have for you the bose quietcomfort 15 review!

Bose QuietComfort 15 review

The bose quietcomfort 15  headphones are a rare sight today since they are discontinued by the company. So yeah, we definitely understand what all the noise is about. But is it really worth it? Or are we losing our mind over a so-so, branded headphones that is no better than your current ones? Let’s find out!

The Bose QuietComfort 15 review

Features Of Bose QuietComfort 15

  1. Audio Quality
  2. Noise Cancellation
  3. Microphone
  4. Runtime
  5. User Comfort
  6. Construction

Audio Quality

For us, when we looking for a proper headphone, we turn our heads to its audio competence first and foremost. No questions asked. And the Bose QuietComfort 15 is definitely a force to be reckoned with!

These headphones offer you some amazing signal processing and feature the TriPort® acoustic headphone structure for more lifelike sound-including deep low notes. You listen and hear what you love to hear and listen- only louder, clearer and more vividly.

Noise Cancellation

Bose understand that you may not want to listen music all the time. Sometimes, the brat over privileged kid on the back of your bus ride needs to shut up. And because throwing it out of the bus is illegal, you have the QuietComfort 15’s noise cancellation.

And some amazing noise cancellation are Bose QuietComfort 25 and Bose QuietComfort 35 that is! Just turn on the headphone’s noise cancellation and drift off to a significantly less chaotic world. Speaking of which, these headphones are especially ideal for frequent flyers. Nobody till date has had a quiet flight with the entire engine firing away at your ears among everything else. Put it on and snap out of there.


You furthermore have a mic on the inline cable which allows you to speak to your audience. Use it for Skype, your gaming, voiceovers and almost any application which gets you to speak. The sound on the other end is crisp and clean.


As for runtime, the QuietComfort 15 headphones should last you anywhere about 30 to 35 hours on an average.

That’s good enough for us. You will furthermore appreciate that you’ll need a single AAA battery for it. This means to carry an extra and you got yourself almost 2 days of use!

User Comfort

The fact that the QuietComfort 15 headphones are battery-powered and therefore need no recharge or charger cable isn’t the only thing you’ll appreciate about it.

First of all, you 2 get an airline adapter to use it with the console on your flight. Second, you carrying case to store it safely. The third point is that the headphone come with 2 different cable: one for standard audio and the second for the inline remote controller and mic. This means you get receive call from here too. Oh, and both of the cables are furthermore detachable so there’s something we really like too!


The Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones are made from some pretty solid material, courtesy of the Bose standard quality.

The ear cups wraps up the whole of your ears, they are soft and squeegee and therefore do not feel heavy or sweaty over your ears. Next, the super flexible and soft, padded headband which will accommodate head circumferences of almost all sizes without creating too much pressure which could cause headaches and fatigue.

Having said all that, we did come across quite a few users who said they regret buying headphone so flimsy. Parts tend to come off, battery door gets stuck, terrible leather, and on top of that, the tech support is of little to no help.

What’s In The Bag With The QuietComfort 15 Headphones?

  • QuietComfort 15 inline remote and microphone cable (detachable)
  • Standard audio cable (detachable)
  • AAA battery
  • Carrying case
  • Airline adapter
  • Instructions and manual

Who Are The Bose QuietComfort 15 Headphones For?

These headphones are for anyone and everyone who look forward to great sound quality. The details of the sound that result from it are astounding and amazes us every time. And the mic on it is perfect for gamers, voiceovers, live chat and videos, and some musical or vocal recommending. Another gaming headphone for gamers are HyperX Cloud II specific type of headphone.

We wouldn’t however recommend this for instrument recording or any application where your voice is not the prominent source of sound. For instance, live Q and A, duets, etc.

Best Feature On The QuietComfort 15 Headphones

Different people love different thing about these headphone, but we have our eyes and admiration set to one thing and one thing only: the noise cancellation.

We weren’t kidding when we said the noise cancellation was amazing. Turn on the noise cancellation, and you honestly hear little to nothing. It’s almost scary! Perfect for flyers and public transportation commuters. It’s our complete features of Bose QuietComfort 15. Let’s jump on pros and cons

Let’s Check A Video Of Bose QuietComfort 15 Review

Purchasing the QuietComfort 15 headphones

Now, here’s the thing, the QuietComfort 15 headphones are unfortunately discontinued by the company. Why? We don’t know why they’d murder such an awe-worthy product either.

However, the link on our bose QuietComfort 15 will take you to where you can still buy them, at Amazon You are welcome!

Bose QuietComfort 15

Customers Choice


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to use
  • Amazing sound clarity and noise cancellation
  • 2 cables; 1 standard and 1 for mic and controls
  • Runs on battery
  • Long runtime
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Poor quality ear cups; disintegrates and tends to come off
  • Short life span
  • Unhelpful tech support

Users’ Opinions

The bottom line: Bose bose QuietComfort 15 headphone are exceptionally powerful. Most users, in fact majority of the reviews aren’t tiring from praising them. They are light, come with handy accessories, has a warranty and is furthermore battery run. Win-win. But is it?

There are however, a few users who happen to be very upset with their purchasing decision. The most common complain includes low-quality ear cups and having a very short lifeline. Some other complain include poor customer and tech support and a very few complain include something along the line of deteriorating volume. And for something with that premium of a price tag, we totally understand disappointment.


Alright now! Thank you for staying with us and reading our bose QuietComfort 15 review but now, it all boils down to this: bose QuietComfort 15 headphones, for and to us at least, are an amazing pair. It is powerful, effective and very comfortable to use. As for the negative, we totally stand by those as well. Reviewsformusicians wouldn’t expect such quality fails from a company like Bose. However, at the end of the day, it does get the job more than done. People who use public transports a lot and people who like to do some personal recordings most appreciate and understand the product. We do!

This concludes our bose QuietComfort 15 review.. Now it is your turn to decide! Good luck.

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Sennheiser HD 558 Review [ Best Open Back Headphones ]

Sennheiser HD 558 Review

Best Open Back Headphones Sennheiser HD 558 Review

If there are people who look for on-ear headphones, then some people still exist who prefer over-ear headphones. These headphones let you live inside the music and take you to a different world. And if we talk about Sennheiser HD 558, then it is surely worth trying. Thus, we have come up with Sennheiser HD 558 review, to help you know about its features, perks and downsides. We will rip up the gear completely so that you know that this Sennheiser HD 558 article will not aim to take any side, neither encourage nor discourage you to have it. So let us jump into its features.

sennheiser hd 558 review

Sennheiser HD 558 Review

Features Of Sennheiser HD 558

  1. Thumbs Up For Sound
  2. Yet Isolation Is A Disappointment
  3. Plastic Construction With Perfect Fit
  4. Comfort Satisfaction

Thumbs Up For Sound

This is most important part in this sennheiser hd 558 product review. The Sound. You will find the sound of 558 super smooth with a gentle tone. Thus, you can comfortably listen to music for longer time. Not only their drums come with impact but their bass notes are deep and great. Moreover, the 558 comes with wonderful sense of width and separation. So, the sound gives a clear voice where you can listen to them satisfyingly. Additionally, their stereo effects are also great. However, they claim to have outstanding bass and vocal projection, and we can say that its completely true.

Yet Isolation Is A Disappointment

The HD 558 are open back headphones so they do not provide isolation. Hence, you will find the headphone great enough only if you happen to use it inside the wall. This is a major con of the 558 for the people who mostly use headphone outside. Moreover, you will not be able to detach yourself from the world as you will be able to hear the noise from outside. To add more, the people near you will be able to listen to what you are listening. So this is quite a very annoying thing which will disappoint you. So, the open back headphones are ideal for those who like to spend some music time inside the room. Otherwise, the non-isolation feature will let you feel down.

Plastic Construction With Perfect Fit

Although you will get the headphone In plastic materials, but it still impresses people for it being solid and elegant. So you will find them premium at its best. Moreover, the HD 558 comes with soft over-ear cups with headband cushion. And if it ever drops, it will still manage to survive the damage. Another great thing about the 558 is it grips the ears perfectly. Moreover, the compact feature is ideal for them who have smaller head.

Comfort Satisfaction

Well yes, they can satisfy people greatly as they do not weigh much. With 270g, the 558 clamp onto your head comfortably. Headphone comfort is definitely an essential part of the gear and we can say that 558 has it all. The HD 558 comes in soft headband padding that you feel comfortable wearing them. Although the over-ear cups are giant but they are superbly padded to grip your ears easily. And let me tell you that, this is another reason that has got us with sennheiser hd 558 review to write. However, if you don’t have larger ears, the pads will never touch your ears rather will perfectly fit them.

Other Details

The cable comes in 10 feet long and you will get a 3.5 mm mini plug adapter with it. However, the cable ends in a 6.3 mm rubber coated jack plug. Moreover, It uses twist-and-lock mechanism that helps to avoid tangles. Besides, the headphone comes with a frequency response of ranging 15 to 28,000 Hz with 112 dB sound pressure. To add more, it consists of 50 Ohms impedance. 

Detailed Specifications

  • Open back headphone.
  • Frequency response: 15 to 28,000 Hz.
  • Sound pressure level: 112 dB.
  • Total harmonic distortion: < 0.1% (1 kHz/100 dB SPL)
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms.
  • Jack plug: 6.3mm.
  • Cable length: 3m.
  • Weight: 270g.
  • Including 3.5mm plug adapter.

Who Is It For

The Sennheiser HD 558 comes in a great sound quality but with zero isolation ability. So, we would say, the 558 is ideal for those who like to listen to music at home. As the open back headphones do not come with isolation, so if you want to avoid the noise coming from outside and enjoy the music, then using it inside your room would be great. If you like noise isolation headphone then Sennheiser Momentum is the best choice for you. Another Sennheiser HD review are Sennheiser HD 598Sennheiser HD 202 II and Sennheiser HD 600

Best Parts Of The Product

One of the reasons that have incited us to write this sennheiser hd 558 review is its sound quality. They have the best bass sound with great vocal projection. Another best thing about the product is its comfort as it does not weigh heavy and grips your head and ears perfectly. To add more, their twist and lock cable system is another best feature that will never tangle the cable easily. So, these best parts of the product definitely makes them worth trying.

Let’s Check A Video Of Sennheiser HD 558 Review

Purchasing The Sennheiser HD 558

There are a lot of online sites where you can get the Sennheiser HD 558. However, it is wise to look for them in popular sites. But if you want some recommendations, we would say to check them out in sites like Amazon ebay or Walmart. You will find it in their search option.

Sennheiser HD 558

Customers Choice


  • It comes in refined and clear sound.
  • The cable is removable.
  • The cable uses twist and lock system.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It comes with soft ear cups.
  • The bass is great and deep.


  • Since it is open back headphone, it has zero isolation.
  • Grille looks a bit cheap.
  • The cable is a bit hard to manage.
  • It leaks sound.

What Do Users Say

  • The headphone weighs super light but they don’t feel cheap. They fit snug and the soft material makes them really comfortable.
  • I bought these headphones with comfort and sound quality in mind, they have delivered on both fronts. Good bass, amazing clear highs, the mids are great.
  • Since it is an open design, these do not offer noise blocking or prevent leakage, so people near you hear your music and you will be able to hear the noise from outside.
  • They come in rich bass with good bass impact but not exaggerated bass.


So, if you want to spend some lone music time with a good headphone, then HD 558 is the thing for you. And Reviewsformusicians hope with this Sennheiser HD 558 review, you will get a clear image of the gear with both pros and cons. Besides, if you think that you can go for it because of its sound quality and comfort, then you can actually get it for yourself. Or else we will just suggest you to look for the one that features satisfy you. You can check our latest review Sennheiser HD 201 if you are looking best budget headphone.

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Sennheiser Momentum Review [ Over-Ear Headphone ]

Sennheiser Momentum design

Over-Ear Headphone Sennheiser Momentum Review

If you are bored with the mainstream deep and back design of the headphones, then we have thought of something unique for you. Over-ear headphones definitely look great in black but if you still are looking for more color with great sound quality then you can get it with Sennheiser momentum in brown. However, it’s not only the color that made us write a Sennheiser momentum review but for its superb features and quality. And thus, we will give a detailed review of the product and how it is impressing people with its performance. And we hope, this Sennheiser momentum review will somehow benefit you.

Sennheiser Momentum review

Sennheiser Momentum Review

Features Of Sennheiser Momentum

  1. Sleek And Stylish Design
  2. Metallic Materials
  3. Superb Sound
  4. Some Technical Info
  5. Wealthy

Sleek And Stylish Design

One of the reasons that got us write a Sennheiser momentum review is its elegant design. The look is the real first thing that gives an impression. However, the manufacturer knows really well to give us headphones with beautiful design. And with Sennheiser momentum, you will definitely get it. Since this Sennheiser momentum review completely focuses on its brown color so Reviewsformusicians will talk about how it looks. So if you get the brown one, you will find the leather headband in that color with sleek brown ear cups. Moreover, there are brushed stainless steel sliders that lead to the ear pads which make the headphone more stylish. Additionally, there is a knob on the outside part of the earbuds that give the gear a classy look.

Metallic Materials

The Sennheiser momentum comes with metallic materials and they are pretty solid. The ear cups are made with metallic coat and this enhances the look of the headphone. However, the back of the ear cups is rounded with memory foam pads and wrapped with black leather. Moreover, the headband delivers super breathability, even if you use it for longer hours.

Superb Sound

Another reason to poke us for giving a Sennheiser momentum review is its sound quality. Being a closed-back headphone, it adds a great level of ambient noise isolation. So, you can enjoy the music if you step outside the house, neither you will have to listen to the noise from outside, nor the outsiders will hear your music. And this is one of the perks of having a closed back headphone since they come with rich noise isolation capacity. Moreover, to talk about its bass quality, you will find it tight and deep. So if you want to enjoy your music even in the crowd, this is the best thing for you. If you need super smooth with a gentle tone then Sennheiser HD 558 for you with big bass quality.

Some Technical Info

The momentum comes with cans having an impedance of 18 ohms. So you can say that the pair is perfect for mobiles and MP3 players.  Moreover, the headphone comes with a 3.5 mm cable. To add more, you will find a silver aluminum in-line microphone with a control panel as well. This panel consists of buttons for play or pause, volume and answer or call. But the disadvantage is that the controls only work with Apple devices. Besides, the cable features a twist and lock system like the other models of Sennheiser that prevent the cords from slipping out of headphones accidentally. However, the momentum comes with a frequency response of 16 to 22,000 Hz.


The most disappointing part of the headphone is it does not come in cheaper price. The features are rich enough that make it look rich. And if you have enough wealth and are willing to spend it, then we would recommend you to get one.


  • Closed back.
  • Premium leather ear pads and headband.
  • 18-ohm operating impedance.
  • Metal ear cups and slider.
  • The frequency response of 16 to 22,000 Hz.
  • 5 mm twist and lock mechanism cable.
  • Sound pressure level: 110 dB.
  • Weight 190g.
  • The headphone includes carrying case, a 6.3 mm adapter plug, standard connection cable, cable with smart remote and manuals.

Who Is It For

The Sennheiser Momentum is for the people who want an over-ear headphone with high-quality features. If you do not like to compromise on quality and are willing to spend a bit more money on the headphone. If you have a thing for headphones and cool with getting them at higher prices then, this headphone is the best option for you.

Best Parts Of The Product

The best parts of the Sennheiser Momentum are they come in closed-back features. So you can literally enjoy music even in the loud noise that comes from outside. Not only that, the headphone will not leak the sound that you hear and you can easily detach yourself from the world. Another great thing about the product is it is comfy to wear. The ear cups grips your ear perfectly and its lightweight feature does not give your head a burden. Besides, the cable uses twist and lock system which helps the cord to stay stick to the headphone. And the metallic coats are a bonus that enhanced the design and quality of the product.

Customers Choice

Purchasing The Sennheiser Momentum

You will find many online sites where you can get the Sennheiser Momentum. However, it is wise if you look for them on popular sites. But if you still want some suggestions, we would say to check them out on sites like Amazon eBay or Walmart. You will find it in their search option.

Sennheiser Momentum

Let’s Check A Video Of Sennheiser Momentum Review


  • The metallic materials make it stylish.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It fits comfortably and stays stable.
  • The cable uses twist and lock mechanism.
  • The sound quality is rich and balanced.
  • The bass is great.
  • It comes with great noise isolation capacity.


  • The headphone is pretty expensive.
  • The in-line media control are compatible with iOS devices.
  • The case is large.
  • It does not have the foldable system.
  • Some of the users might find the ear cups small.

What Do Users Say

  • It is a must-have if you are looking for quality with no compromises. It looks beautiful with the modern and sleek design. It delivers rich and crisp sound.
  • The headphone delivers you with strong bass as well as clear sound for music and movies.
  • I got a bigger head and ears, and the ear pads feel smaller if you wear them.
  • They have great bass and treble that most over-ears cannot compete with.
  • They are very pricey but still worth every penny.


The Sennheiser Momentum is a good option if you think that you can spend money and go for quality over compromise. Its metallic material is definitely something that will attract you at a first glance. With a sexy brown color, the headphones come with a great sound quality. Moreover, you will also find them comfortable enough to wear them for a longer time. And as it is a closed back headphone you can cut yourself out of the world. So this feature definitely makes it worth trying. At the end of Sennheiser Momentum review hope you enjoy and See you back again soon!

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