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Why We Love Cowin E-7 User Guide (And You Should, Too!)

Cowin E-7 User Guide And Reviews

Hey, everyone, we are back again with our another Cowin E-7 user guide, and as you can see the title of this article. Whatever, we are bearing, we are going to talk about Cowin in E-7 wireless Bluetooth headsets. Which are over the ear and honestly speaking guys, Cowin E-7 is One of the most comfortable ones we have Ever found. These earphones are not that expensive, and we are going to enjoy it over our next business trip. So, without losing too much of time, let’s get into it and see what we have got inside.

The First Impression Is The Cowin E-7 Box

It’s very nicely boxed in the inside; there’s a sufficient amount of information is mentioned at the bottom of the right. As well as you can see the box,

Cowin E-7 user guide

There is a Bluetooth enabled the device with the mic and the USB charging port. It also has NFC enabled device. You just need to turn on NFC on your mobile phone and just dab it on; it so simple that makes life easier.

Cowin E-7 Back Part

So, right on the back, you will get a little bit of information mentioned, where you can see the mighty rock and all these logos and everything right on the top. You will get a short bit of extra information specified right side the headsets box. You are going to have a look at today are not active noise cancellation ones, so they are the standard one with the Bluetooth and also the auxiliary port into Cowin E-7 headphones.

So, let’s Do A Very Quick Unboxing And See What We Have Got The Package.

Cowin E-7 Unboxing Image

As to start with, we have our Cowin E-7 user guide very detailed and It’s all in the English language is only 2 pages. So, it’s not going to consume you quite many hours to understand it. How it’s going to work troubleshooting Cowin E-7 user guide and a little bit of extra information is also available in this small user manual Cowin E-7 user guide just to give you the side apparently.

Cowin E-7 Without Foam

It’s a well packed with the foams all around it. Only to cover up the head fit very nicely inside. So, this first to have a look at what you got? Here you’ve got one micro USB cable for the charging purpose of our Bluetooth headset. Then you have over 3.5 mm of the wire which will help you to enjoy the great sound of the devices.

Cowin E-7 Open Image

Now let’s have a swift look at your headset itself as from the first glimpse of these earphones. We have to say that guys, these are one of the best headsets, we have reviewed this year as regarding

Cowin E-7 Construction Image

construction is a full metal housing with the Sewell of about 90 degrees in its ear cups.Cowin E-7 Ear Cuff Front Image

If you look at in the front of these ear pad, which is professional protein pads and a headband material are delivered the more durable and comfortable If you’re thinking of wearing Cowin in E-7 wireless Bluetooth headsets for the whole day.

So, you could be very helpful from experience the headphones which go in the ear, and those are always uncomfortable you can only wear them for the limited amount of time. But Cowin E-7 go over the ears, so that is the best thing we have found in these headphones.

Cowin E-7 Bluetooth On Off Button

Now regarding controls on the left-hand side of the ear, you will get Bluetooth on and off the button on it and next to it is an auxiliary port. So, if you’re not using a Bluetooth device, you can turn it off. You can use your simple auxiliary port your battery compartment is just right middle on the headphone, and also the NFC tag area is the same position as well proper in this area in the bottom of oven logo you would be able to see.

Cowin E-7 NFC Control Button

You can see control buttons in the center with the LED light indicator. You have played in a pollen and on this side, you get a multifunction switch to increase and decrease volume and also to navigate through your playlist when you’re using this particular headset as a Bluetooth.

Cowin E-7 Right Side Indicator

Now on the right-hand side have an indicator – but no functionality was so ever. So, down in the bottom of the right-hand headset, you would be able to see a micro USB charging port and a mic input to use this particular set as a hands-free device.

Cowin E-7 Fully Adjustable

you might have found this headset fully adjustable.

Cowin E-7 Movement

As well as you can see, then you can move them in and out require a lot of movement right as picture available to be very interesting.

Cowin E-7 Metal Body

You can see there’s a metal body. Whatever, you do it seems to be doing well. So, there are some key features which you will have noticed around. This Bluetooth headset in terms a Bluetooth chipset it contains CSR version 4.0, Which is a pretty good one regarding Bluetooth chip connectivity.

The sound quality wise the battery, the battery is a critical factor. It’s got 800 million per hour battery with the playtime of about 30 hours which they claim. You are not played up to 30 hours. You only played about 6 hours regarding these earmuffs. Cowin E-7 are imported from the South Korea this is the only information you have received from the manufacturer about it. Cowin E-7 is very soft and very flexible design is an elastic removable adjustable.

Cowin E-7 Remove Muffs

Whatever, you like everything you can remove these muffs and clean them if you wanted the speaker driver which is used in this headphone is exactly same as the boss.

Cowin E-7 Peering Mode

So first let us show you know how you can pair these headsets with your Bluetooth devices? Then after that using, it also a realist you just turned on and right on this side. You would be able to see this light flashing that means you are in a peering mode, you are going to use your smartphone and turn on the Bluetooth.

Cowin E-7 Bluetooth Connection

Okay, put into a discovery mode go down to the bottom and where you are scanning it. Scroll down, select the E7 which will be available on the base list when it is connected. You will get to see the light fully steady on; now you are entirely paired with it. If you play some music, you might be able to hear it. So, let’s play some music you’ll be playing your YouTube or your music library.

Cowin E-7 Increase Vol

Okay, allows increase vol from evil you can also increase the volume. Cowin E-7 performing seems to be pretty sweet if you can even maybe get around your playlist for using buttons. As well go back lovely alright not that bad at all regarding Bluetooth creativity seems to be pretty good as well. Because you’ve got a range of about twenty meters, that’s pretty good. If you look at the report, what you need to do? Just seem to turn off the Bluetooth entirely merely if the battery is completely down on to Cowin E-7 and you wanted to use it.

Cowin E-7 Auxiliary Ports

You can use Cowin E-7 as well only using these auxiliary ports with your mobile phone if you like to, or any Bluetooth device supply E-7 up plays the sound. Now sound quality is the same, but you won’t be able to maybe get around the playlist that is an issue that is not that bad guys pretty good. So, we think we have shown you enough about this Bluetooth headset. We hope you guys are going to like this Cowin E-7 user guide and this is all about Cowin E-7 user guide. Let us know how do you find this Bluetooth headset in the comment section below if you want to see more article like that. Please visit our website reviewsformusicians thank you very much for stay with us. We will see you in next one soon guys thank you again and bye.


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