Cowin E7 Review [Active Noise Cancelling Headphones]

Cowin E7 Review [Active Noise Cancelling Headphones]

Are you search for the perfect headphone that will make your life easier? Also, at an affordable cost? Then, you are looking at the right place! In fact, we understand how important headphones are and their contribution to mental happiness. Moreover, we understand how sensitive you need to be while buying one. This Cowin e7 review is the best for you.

Cowin E7 Review

In order to help you find the perfect headphone for yourself, we have reviewed this hyped about headphone- the Cowin E7 review. Apparently, we will be talking about all the features, the pros and cons and finally answering a few questions most buyers have. So, by the end of this Cowin E7 review, you will know whether it is the one for you or not.

Now, let the tour begin!

Cowin E7 Review

Cowin E7 In A Nutshell

What’s In The Box?

Since the Cowin E7 is connected by Bluetooth, there is not really much needed is there? Nevertheless, the Cowin E7 carry case comes with the following:

  1. The beautiful robust headphone itself.
  2. 1x micro USB cable.
  3. A 3.5 mm audio cable
  4. A tiny user guide.

Luckily, these will cover everything might ever need to use these headphones.

Built-in Bluetooth Connectivity

Like most other people, you most probably also face troubles with all the wires earphones and headphones come with. Firstly, because you are stuck in a place. Secondly, because of the tangles. And, finally, makes your house messier. So, the built-in NFC is one feature that must have already caught your attention. Fortunately, Cowin E7 comes with it. Now, you might be thinking, what makes it different from other Bluetooth headphones? Well, other headphones only come with the tech but the Cowin E7 promises its efficiency. In fact, it assures easy, fast and stable connectivity. Moreover, all you need to do is just click one button to get your device connected.

Active Noise Cancelling Technology

With the Bluetooth tech, the noise canceling technology is like the cherry on top. Firstly, you get to use the headphone while walking, running or working. Now, while doing all that, other distractive noises cannot interfere your peaceful hearing. How convenient is that! So, focus on what matters to you most! The precious time with your music, movies, and videos will stay unobstructed with Cowin E7!

If You are looking effective noise reduction technology then our Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones for you.

Built-in Microphone

How irritating is it to it your headphone off everything a call comes in and then put it back on? Well, Cowin E7 can rescue you from all that displeasure. Because it has a built-in microphone! In fact, in this busy world, you can easily take your calls, video calls or whatever without having to take a break from your recreation. Just keep the headphone on and receive the call.

Sound Quality

Clear vocal, detailed guitar, responsive bass and much more is offered by the mighty Cowin E7 with its 40mm large-aperture drivers. Whatever you might get disappointed with, you will never be disappointed with its sound quality. In fact, its frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz will always provide you with the best form of every instrument. Especially, it is capable of delivering deep and accurate bass that will send you grooving.

The Design

Apparently, the Cowin E7 not only feeds your soul but your eyes as well. In fact, they are classy looking headphones with much flexibility. The comfortable, soft padded headband is extendable and built with high-quality robust material which you will understand on your first touch. Moreover, the ear cups are both soft and can 90 degrees to assure durability and ease of packing. Finally, it comes in three different colors- Black, black plus red, and Iron gray.


Apparently, Cowin E7 is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries. Even when it runs out, charge it for 10 minutes to get a perfectly working E7 for 60 minutes! So, yes it’s fast and efficient. Moreover, you have nothing to worry about as you can always plug-in the included audio cable in case of emergencies.

Cowin E7


  • Lightweight and extendable headphone.
  • Flexible Earcups with the ability to twist 90 degrees.
  • Efficient Bluetooth technology requires no wires.
  • Noise Cancellation technology for everyday use.
  • Excellent sound with clear vocals, accurate guitar etc.
  • Responsive to accurate and deep bass.
  • Soft padded headband.
  • Thick, padded ear cups.
  • Long battery life.
  • Fast recharging capacity.
  • Robust
  • 5mm audio cable as a backup charger.
  • The built-in microphone.
  • Gorgeous in three different colors.
  • 40 mm large-aperture drivers.


  • The microphone of moderate quality.
  • Headphone does not fold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Active Noise Cancellation?

Answer: Firstly, active means that you need to give effort. For example, active cleaning is when you clean your car and passive is when rain cleans it. In case of Cowin E7, it uses both active and passive noise cancellation. In fact, the largely padded ear cuffs block out outside noise partially (passive) whereas the internal electronic components work to block out the further noise. So, Active Noise Cancellation feature helps to block maximum noise.

Do they stay put during pushups?

Answer: Fortunately, they do. As they go around your ears, they will stay put while you are running, doing pushups, jumping etc.

Can it receive signals beyond walls and doors?

Answer: Yes, it can.


We are at the end of our Cowin E7 review. Now, you know about all the features of Cowin E7 and how it benefits you. But, which design provides the best comfort depends on individuals alone. So, it is your call to think about the features and the design then find out if it suits your needs. But, you will not know if it is comfortable enough for you unless you try it for yourself. We can only help by letting you know that most people have found it very impressive and comfortable for long listening hours.

We will soon be back with more reviews to help you. Until then, toodles!

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