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Focal Elear Review [ Best Over Ear Headphones ]

Best Over Ear Headphones Focal Elear Review

Welcome to the Focal Elear review guide. If a high-quality headphone for indoor-use is your demand and budget is not a concern then you might want to look at the Elear by Focal. In fact, Focal is a French audio equipment manufacturer which is well respected among audiophiles.

As a matter of fact, this headphone shares a lot of similarities in quality with another Focal flagship ‘Focal utopia’ which is considered one of the very best headphones available right now!

In order to help you know everything there is about the Focal Elear headphones, reviewsformusicians have prepared this review. In the essence, this Focal Elear review will help you know if you want the Focal Elear or not.

Let us begin without further delay.

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Focal Elear Review

Firstly, Let Us Have A Quick Look At The Features Of Focal Elear Headphone

The Package

Focal Elear, unlike Shure and Cowin, do not come with a myriad of components. Nevertheless, it comes in a beautiful, well-padded, black box. And, the box includes the following:

  1. The beautiful headphone itself.
  2. A 13 feet long cable that ends in a stereo jack.
  3. 25-inch Neutrik connector.
  4. Finally, two 35mm jacks.

Not Just A Headphone But Also A Loudspeaker

As a matter of fact, the Focal Elear is innovative in the sense that it is the World’s First wide-range loudspeaker that comes in the form of a headphone! Apparently, Focal has always been trying to introduce this innovative headphone that is actually a loudspeaker or a loudspeaker that is actually a headphone.

The ‘Drivers’

The Focal Elear uses full range 40 mm single drivers incorporating their patent M-shaped dome. Moreover, you can totally see them floating inside right through the ear pads which assures that they do not suffer from sudden compression as there is nothing around them. In fact, these drivers have the capacity of receiving frequencies starting from 5 Hz to 23 kHz.

Though Focal estimated the headphones to have an impedance of 32 ohms they are actually capable of 80-ohm impedance with a sensitivity of 104 dB.

Open-Back Design

As a matter of fact, the Focal Elear does not cancel out the sound. So, you can listen to it without any worries in your house, as you will be able to keep track of every noise around. However, offices will not provide you with such comfort as the environment might be too noisy to listen peacefully.But, what does attract everyone is the open-back design.

The Build-Quality

At such a high investment, it would be a disappointment to not get excellent build quality. And, The Focal Elear does not disappoint. In fact, it is built with a combination of Aluminum/Magnesium and leather on the headband.Moreover, microfiber fabric used in the memory foam of the ear cushions represent pure class and quality.

Moreover, the comfortable soft ear pads are removable! So, even if it does not last long Focal assures durability of the whole product through replacement. Furthermore, being attached to an aluminum yoke entering the headband, the earcups are capable of pivoting and adjusting to a wide range.

The Cable

In fact, OF shielded low impedance balanced cables are 13 feet long.Now, you might be wondering why is it so long? Because the headphone is not wireless and you definitely want to connect it to your stereo and come back to your sofa with the cable attached. If it was not that long, you will be stuck in an uncomfortable position.Moreover, the cable enters the two earcups separately.

Sound Quality

Apparently, I was saving the best for the last. You will surely be blown away by the Elear quality of sound! With the innovative trickle-down technology alongside stellar transparency and excellent resolution, Elear gives you a great time! Whether it classical or rock music, or movies or videos you are listening to, Elear provides you with the purest sound. Clear, detailed vocals with the great bass response and smooth treble, all you could ask for, Elear gives it to you.

Customers Choice

Let’s Check A Video Of Focal Elear Review


  1. Comfortable and stylish build quality.
  2. Open-Back design.
  3. Made of high-quality durable materials.
  4. Ear cups capable of pivoting to a wide range.
  5. The Full range 40 mm single driver.
  6. Trickle-down technology
  7. High resolution.
  8. The wide frequency range.
  9. Excellent Bass Response
  10. Smooth treble.
  11. Detailed audio.
  12. Generously padded headband and ear cups.
  13. Ear pads are removable.
  14. Durability.
  15. OFC coated durable cables.
  16. Above average impedance.


  1. Expensive.
  2. For Home-use only.
  3. Not for smartphones.
  4. Not paired with an amplifier.
  5. Heavy cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the Fostex HP-P1 Amplifier or the Oppo ha-2se amplifier drive the Focal Elear headphones?

Answer: Yes. It is likely, you will not face any problem using the Fostex HP-P1 or the Oppo Ha-2se amplifiers to drive the Elear headphones. As the Elear headphone does not come with its own amplifier, you will find almost every amplifier works on it. In conclusion, it is quite flexible.

  1. Does it come with a mic?

Answer: Unfortunately, no it does not come with a built-in mic.


The quality that the Focal Elear comes with is beyond comparison. In fact, they are not considered one of the best for no reason. However, it also demands a high amount of investment. Moreover, it is suitable only for indoor purposes as it is neither wireless nor noise canceling.

Now, it depends entirely upon your purpose of buying the headphone. In case you want it for your home and are willing to spend a fortune, this would be a perfect choice. But, for daily outdoor usage, an absolute not.

On the bright side, its sound quality is enchanting.

This marks the end of our Focal Elear review. We wholeheartedly hope you find what you are looking for. Good luck!

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