How to Become a Music Manager

Ultimate Secrets of Becoming a Perfect Music Artist Manager!

How to Become a Music Manager?

If you are pure music lover and at the same time thinking about your carrier in music industry, then you will glad to know that music artist manager is becoming the most demanding profession now a day! That’s the reason we are presenting here how to become a music manager?

But you have to be patient to hear that it the most underappreciated place in the thought in the music community! The role of the music manager sometimes seen to music industry as a Musician Helper!! But that is a totally wrong idea, truly to say a music artist manager is the ‘Carrier Architect’ of a musician!

How to Become a Music Manager

If you had involved in some other aspects of the music industry or if you had followed an entirely different career path up to this point; this profession is what you want. It is not a matter of fact that what is your background?  What you need is put together the necessary resources and connection with the perfect artist at the right time to go with the perfect game plan to the path of how to become a music manager?

However, if you are interested in the field of music management you have to enter with proper sincere to open your eyes like a shepherd and implement your knowledge to get success!

Now this is a question comes to your mind at first time what do a manager do? And how to become a music manager?

What is The Basic Duties of a Music Artist Manager?

A music artist manager is a person who facilitates goals, dreams and aspiration of the talent. A music manager helps to meet up the dreams of a musician which help him to successful in music industry. Every musician has some specific goals, manager needs to monetize those goals for profit!

If you know what type of work you like most in music field or what type of manager, you want to be it will help a lot to focus on your carrier! Also you will know how to become a music manager? For more details read music manager job description.

Music Artist Manager of Different Aspects

  • Tour Manager
  • Personal Manager
  • Business Manager

Tour Manager

The first manager of an artist often to have is a tour manager. Tour manager is the first person that steps in to help out an artist carrier, easy to say they take care of the band during the tour, they can also be called road manger.

They play a vital role which is called advancing.

Tour manager


They are in charge of big junk of planning the whole program before the tour happened that is call advancing the shows. Confirming, making sure everything is ready, dealing with contract, make sure the light, sound system

On larger tours, it is the duty to synchronize all the logistics of a tour while on smaller ‘independent’ tours the road and tour manager are often one and the same

Last but not the least road tor manager must have to love travel!

Personal Manager

You Can Call Them a Baby Sitter of The Music Artist!

They are right hand of the artist, representative of every element of the artist carrier, they have to be the best friend of the artist. They have to be believe it whole heartedly they are gonna be successful!personal manager

It is interesting to say that many times junior artist manager take on clients without any money, they believe on clients at first, when the artist got success!

They basically mange the artist carrier whether that is interviewing, touring, scheduling, or recording in a studio.

Basically, they are the promoter of the artist carrier in music industry! It is still not late to know how to become a music manager?

They make a good salary!

Day to day manager make a percentage of every elements of an artist carrier, it comes from merchandising, cd sells, any kind of promotions,

Successful artist manager makes a good amount money like Taylor swift, Justin Bieber

Business Manager

Manage all the money related matters. Mainly handles the ‘books’ of the artist, Supervise and manage all type of agreements, and contract between two parties. Unless you have the behaviour of a responsible person you will not know how to become a music manager?

business manager

They know how to protect money, managing money, carrier growth.

Good Financial Decision Maker

Any kind of poor financial decision can hamper the carrier growth of a growing artist.

Time to Rich Your Knowledge About Music Artist Manager

When you are determined yourself to become a specific music artist manager, you should go through with some education. Some necessary knowledge or education or background empower you to do know the right duties and job description. In classic times shopping for a label, recording an album and then going on tour was were the actual duties of a manager but in recent time things have changed to multiple task.

Managers have to how to reach fans directly, song licensing, brand partnerships, sponsorships, Agreements, social media strategies, creative financing, independent publicity and marketing, etc.

There are Several Ways to go About Getting Educated, Including

  1. Schooling
  2. Books / Self-study
  3. Apprentice / Intern


Music business management programs has become one of the demanding subjects in some college and universities. Some institutions offer some courses on music management program.

Books / Self-study

Different kind of books and materials on online are available on the topic of music artist management

Apprentice / Intern

Spending time interning at a management company will help to gain experience on the job as well as enable you to develop contacts within the company

Essential Skills to be a good Manager

A good sense of business, and good at budgeting both time and money is the one of the important vital skill for developing the carrier of an artist.’

A manager has the power for keeping the artist from being distracted by the frustrations that go along with a competitive, high-rewards career. Motivation is a powerful weapon.

Being a Very Responsible One

Responsibility is the key to do success in this sector. It’s your job always to make sure the work gets done whether at interviews, shows, sound checks, load-in booking shows, securing and negotiating publishing and recording deals, hiring publicists, also keeping all the records documented. Having always a great relation with client. Having a great dealing skill also an example of great responsible manager. Always a responsible manager should make sure he has cross checked everything once again just to make sure everything is fine and working order.

Knowledge of Music

You don’t have to know every single element of the music and music industry but enough acquaintance about the music and business help to understand which opportunities to chase for the success of your artist.

Understanding the basics about music and reading a lot about it will let you go through smoothly. Never feel any hesitations for having any explanation or help or advice when needed.


Multi-tasking plays a vital role to synchronize the whole team. You have to make sure that everyone is communicating and doing their jobs and you’ll have to assemble the team while doing all of their jobs by yourself.

Be Neutral like a Buffer

You can’t get caught in the middle when bands have disagreement. A neutral position helps to get everyone feelings like they can come to you with concerns and thoughts without thinking twice. You’ll need to keep personal feelings aside and to distance from political issues will help to be neutral position.

How to Get Paid?

Manager earning calculation is bit different cause he gets only commission according to his artist earning. Its approximately 15 to 20 percent on the artist earning. You have to keep in mind that if your artist earns $0, your commission is $0! so now you can assume your salary!

You are Not Only a Music Artist Manager You are The Untold Guardian!

Last but not the least you have to keep in mind that you are the guideline, direction and decision maker! Your performance will generate substantial income for your artist – and therefore yourself! If you are looking good music manager, you can check our latest post how to get a music manager.

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