How to choose a ukulele for beginner

Choosing the best ukulele for you are not too hard nor too easy. When you know why you want to buy a ukulele, then it will be too easy to choose the best ukulele for you. If you are looking for purchase your first or next ukulele, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to explain with you that how to choose a ukulele as a beginner.

If you are a beginner or advanced, there are no different method when you are planning to purchase a new ukulele for first (or next) time.

There are many ukuleles available on the market to buy, but these all type of ukulele is not so good. Before you choose the right ukulele, you should know about all these types of ukulele.

There is four type of ukulele:

  1. Soprano Ukulele;
  2. Concert Ukulele;
  3. Tenor Ukulele;
  4. Baritone Ukulele;

Mainly these four types of ukulele are different for their size. We are going to describe these four types ukulele in our article. Let’s start-

#1 Soprano Ukulele

The soprano size ukulele is the most usually used. This soprano ukulele is the most traditional size at 20 inches 51 cm. The ukulele makes that real typical classic sound. It is the most popular common size ukulele that most people used. It has 12-15 frets and has a standard tuning of GCEA.

If you are planning to buy a soprano size ukulele for you, then it will be not a bad decision. But you should know all type of ukuleles, before deciding for you.

#2 Concert Ukulele

The concert size ukulele has gained a great deal of popularity in recent years. It is one step bigger than the soprano size ukulele. This concert ukulele is the most traditional size at 23 inches 58 cm.

This concert size ukulele body is large, and the neck is longer with more room between the frets. Thus making this uke a little bit easier to handle.

The concert size ukulele has classic and typical ukulele sound like the soprano and is a bit louder.

So, if you are planning to purchase a concert ukulele for you, then you’ll be facing much confusion about it.

Do you know, how to choose the best concert ukulele? You should know before purchase this concert ukulele.

#3 Tenor Ukulele

In recent, the tenor ukulele is also a popular ukulele size. The tenor ukulele size at 26 inches 66 cm.

The sound of the tenor ukulele is thicker like a classical ukulele than the soprano and concert ukuleles.

Tenor size ukulele is favourite to most professional and well-known ukulele players.

#4 Baritone Ukulele

The baritone ukulele is the largest size ukulele and its size at 30 inches 76 cm. The tone of this baritone ukulele is deepest and sounds like a classical nylon stringed guitar.

Many musicians also like this baritone ukulele for its size, sound, and portability.

In short, these four type of ukulele size is most common. Mainly, soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles are basically the same instrument in different sizes. As a general rule, a bigger body size creates a bigger tone. The smallest size ukulele from these is soprano and tenor the largest. The bigger size ukulele is very easy to handle. It will be to fit your fingers between the frets. Tuning these ukuleles are the same, and if you can play one then you can play them all. The baritone ukulele is tuned like the four highest-pitched strings of a guitar.

As a beginner, we will recommend you to choose a ukulele from soprano or concert ukulele. Because they’re more portable and typically less expensive than larger size ukuleles.

What is the next step to choose a ukulele?

After choosing the size of ukulele, you need to know what type of woods used to make your ukulele? If you already research about this ukulele, then you maybe know that there are many types of woods that used to make the ukulele. Some woods name that used for made ukulele – koa, mahogany, rosewood, monkeypod, mango, cedar, acacia etc…

We are going to describe now about some common woods that used to make ukuleles. Most common woods are Koa, Mahogany and Rosewood. Let’s know a little bit more about these woods-


At first, we want to talk about Koa. The Koa wood has a very warm sound and it has a beautiful grain. It is just plain amazing. There are many expensive ukuleles that come from Hawaii are made from Koa.


Then, we want to talk about Mahogany. The Mahogany has a little bit softer sound than koa. It is less expensive and it is a good type of wood choice. The weight of this mahogany is lower and it has great strength. In the ukulele world, many ukulele lovers use it for their neck.


At last, we want to talk about Rosewood. The Rosewood sides and back are often used for the acoustic guitar brands.

If your budget very cheap (20$-30$) then we will recommend you to increase your budget to (50$-100$) for a better type of ukulele. It is an ideal price for purchase a ukulele as a beginner. In this price range, you will find well-made instruments that sound good and are comfortable to play.

Top Brands of Ukulele

There are many brands of ukulele available on the market. But selecting top brands are a little difficult. It depends on their products, customer satisfaction and many more things.

We just tell you about some most popular ukulele brands. These are –

  • Kala
  • Lanikai
  • Mahalo
  • Pono
  • Kamaka
  • Luna
  • Kanilea
  • Oscar Schmidt
  • Cordoba

We hope, this article also helped you a lot. If you want to know more about choosing a ukulele then you can also take advice from family or friends, who experts about it.

Finally, if you have anything to ask us then comment below. We will try to response your comment as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can contact us via the contact page to get help via mail.

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