Job Description of a Music Manager

17 Steps to a Successful Music Manager Job Description

Job Description of a Music Manager

Are you passionate with music? Thinking how to get a music manager? If yes, then you should read our music manager job description article. A Music Manager who works closely with a music band will tend for helping to make major resolutions regarding the innovative and business route of the music band. The music manager is the person the music artist set in charge of the music business side of the music industry so that they can emphasis on making music content.

A music manager often books shows and other public engagements for an artist or music group. Strong communication, interpersonal, and networking abilities are all valuable skills for band managers to have. This is not all about music manager job description. Let’s jump on details..Job Description of a Music Manager

Here are some basic fields to observe the responsibilities and job description of a music manager!

Need No Certain Educational Qualification!

It is quite interesting to hear that there is no official education which requires for the music manager career. This is the reason we present this point at the top of the article music manager job description. But a bachelor’s degree in music management can deliver valuable involvement in the music industry through an internship in music management. If you are interested to be a music manager read our  secrets of music manager article, what does a music manager do?

Need Badly a Person Who Good at Building Networking With The Relationship!

A music manager plays a role in a public face of the band, he or she must have excellent communication and schmoozing skills. Sustaining a trusting relationship with a band or a music artist is the thing to attain success. Sometimes he or she need to control of the band and make judgments, and sometimes need to step back and let the band have inventive control of the track in which they want to go.

Major Duties of Music Manager to Concern

Individual needs of the artist decide the field of music manager. Counseling the music band on creative, music business and personal choices and supporting them in finding engagements are the some of the basic fields to focus on. There are some other sectors like booking agent, promoter and travel arranger, music production etc.

Music Manager Job Description

Music Manager Job Description

  • Personal Artist Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Booking Agent
  • Business Manager
  • Concert Promoter
  • Retail Sales Management
  • Music Supervisor
  • Music Marketing Advisor
  • Preparing Contract
  • Label Manager
  • Promotional Management
  • Advertising Executive
  • Marketing Manager
  • Music Producer
  • Tour Manager
  • Road Manager
  • Sound Specialist

Personal Artist Manager

Personal artist manager advises on all business assessments, also they help to take inventive decisions so that an artist must focus on music carrier.


When music manager act as an entrepreneur, they systematize, functions, and assumes the hazards related to a business scheme. In the field of music, music recording studios, booking agencies, artist management activities, music vendors, music publishing companies, and record labels are some aspects to handle by entrepreneur

Booking Agent

Booking agents must be highly prepared and driven, and must have excellent communication skill. A booking agent usually plans live performances for clients in music clubs, arenas, fiestas, music events and so on. They must network with music venue operators, music promoters, and other bookers. The booking agent grips all economic matters in connection with the present date and organizes all matters related to production and logistics.

Business Manager

When music manager plays a role as a business manager they knob the financial affairs of musicians and music production. He or she must have degrees in business administration with the focus on accounting or management. The business manager should have an acquaintance of negotiating, accounting skills, hoards, and tax laws.

Concert Promoter

The concert promoter contributions arrange, promotes and funds concerts such as music clubs, halls, music stage. The concert promoter who also occupies all the financial risk.

Retail Sales Management

A retail sales manager works go and activate a retail music store. It starts with worker management, teaching, collection, and synchronizing the timing and arrival of distribution to the store, costing and financial planning, and coordinating sales promotions for exact CDs which are usually sold on Barnes and Noble.

Music Supervisor

A music supervisor is the responsibility of music that accompanies a visual media project. A music supervisor’s role sometimes partial to soundtrack music, or they may be in control of all music for the music project and music studio. A music supervisor must own information of copyright, licensing, conciliation skills, and budget management as well as a profound knowledge of music and visual media so as to pair the two together in a way that products the envisioned impact.

Music Marketing Advisor

In the music industry, consultants consult their clients. Music business consultants must retain a deep indulgent of business, law, music, and industry. Consultants validate skills in listening, qualitative and quantitative research, and communication, including the expansion of written or visual.

Preparing Contract

Music contractor is accountable for contracting musicians or road staffs and cultivates to all the necessary contract duties through the suitable union organizations.

Label Manager

A record label manager oversees one or several departments at a record label and is responsible for the overall operation of the label, including budget management, production, marketing, scheduling, licensing, and more. A label manager should generally possess significant experience within the music industry prior to attaining this role.

Promotional Management

Promotional duties are to build up a communication with media often take key radio station personnel out to lunch, dinner, or for drinks. They also take a program manager to a club in order to join to a group play songs live and measure audience response.

Advertising Executive

An advertising account manager develops advertising campaigns. An advertising account manager should always be imaginative in pursuit of goals and should hold excellent sales skills and a operational knowledge of marketing philosophy.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are liable for emerging new marketing thoughts, strategies, and plans, and functioning closely with the art department on related text, images, video, and other content.

Music Producer

Music publishers are accountable for acquiring the copyrights to songs and publishing them. The goal of the music publisher is to find and obtain possible hit songs obviously copyright and songwriters, endorse them for economic gain.

Tour Manager

The tour planner is liable for organizing the many aspects of music tour, including travel, housing, arranging for services, and planning for costs.

Road Manager

Road managers handgrip the problems that occur while traveling. They supervise gear, sound, and lighting personnel.

Sound Specialist

Sound specialists are responsible for high-quality sound during the live performance of music stage. The sound technician oversees the placement of tools.

However, it’s infrequent for an artist to also have a head for commercial, which is why most musicians keep a manager. Basically, music manager serves as a promoter, agent, accountant, or as a production manager any other kind of professional aspects. Nowadays managers are in charge of running all aspects of the business side of the artist’s or the band’s career which classical manager didn’t have to do. Please leave a comment bellow about our music manager job description. It will helps us to write for you.


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