Sennheiser HD 558 Review

Sennheiser HD 558 Review [ Best Open Back Headphones ]

Best Open Back Headphones Sennheiser HD 558 Review

If there are people who look for on-ear headphones, then some people still exist who prefer over-ear headphones. These headphones let you live inside the music and take you to a different world. And if we talk about Sennheiser HD 558, then it is surely worth trying. Thus, we have come up with Sennheiser HD 558 review, to help you know about its features, perks and downsides. We will rip up the gear completely so that you know that this Sennheiser HD 558 article will not aim to take any side, neither encourage nor discourage you to have it. So let us jump into its features.

sennheiser hd 558 review

Sennheiser HD 558 Review

Features Of Sennheiser HD 558

  1. Thumbs Up For Sound
  2. Yet Isolation Is A Disappointment
  3. Plastic Construction With Perfect Fit
  4. Comfort Satisfaction

Thumbs Up For Sound

This is most important part in this sennheiser hd 558 product review. The Sound. You will find the sound of 558 super smooth with a gentle tone. Thus, you can comfortably listen to music for longer time. Not only their drums come with impact but their bass notes are deep and great. Moreover, the 558 comes with wonderful sense of width and separation. So, the sound gives a clear voice where you can listen to them satisfyingly. Additionally, their stereo effects are also great. However, they claim to have outstanding bass and vocal projection, and we can say that its completely true.

Yet Isolation Is A Disappointment

The HD 558 are open back headphones so they do not provide isolation. Hence, you will find the headphone great enough only if you happen to use it inside the wall. This is a major con of the 558 for the people who mostly use headphone outside. Moreover, you will not be able to detach yourself from the world as you will be able to hear the noise from outside. To add more, the people near you will be able to listen to what you are listening. So this is quite a very annoying thing which will disappoint you. So, the open back headphones are ideal for those who like to spend some music time inside the room. Otherwise, the non-isolation feature will let you feel down.

Plastic Construction With Perfect Fit

Although you will get the headphone In plastic materials, but it still impresses people for it being solid and elegant. So you will find them premium at its best. Moreover, the HD 558 comes with soft over-ear cups with headband cushion. And if it ever drops, it will still manage to survive the damage. Another great thing about the 558 is it grips the ears perfectly. Moreover, the compact feature is ideal for them who have smaller head.

Comfort Satisfaction

Well yes, they can satisfy people greatly as they do not weigh much. With 270g, the 558 clamp onto your head comfortably. Headphone comfort is definitely an essential part of the gear and we can say that 558 has it all. The HD 558 comes in soft headband padding that you feel comfortable wearing them. Although the over-ear cups are giant but they are superbly padded to grip your ears easily. And let me tell you that, this is another reason that has got us with sennheiser hd 558 review to write. However, if you don’t have larger ears, the pads will never touch your ears rather will perfectly fit them.

Other Details

The cable comes in 10 feet long and you will get a 3.5 mm mini plug adapter with it. However, the cable ends in a 6.3 mm rubber coated jack plug. Moreover, It uses twist-and-lock mechanism that helps to avoid tangles. Besides, the headphone comes with a frequency response of ranging 15 to 28,000 Hz with 112 dB sound pressure. To add more, it consists of 50 Ohms impedance. 

Detailed Specifications

  • Open back headphone.
  • Frequency response: 15 to 28,000 Hz.
  • Sound pressure level: 112 dB.
  • Total harmonic distortion: < 0.1% (1 kHz/100 dB SPL)
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms.
  • Jack plug: 6.3mm.
  • Cable length: 3m.
  • Weight: 270g.
  • Including 3.5mm plug adapter.

Who Is It For

The Sennheiser HD 558 comes in a great sound quality but with zero isolation ability. So, we would say, the 558 is ideal for those who like to listen to music at home. As the open back headphones do not come with isolation, so if you want to avoid the noise coming from outside and enjoy the music, then using it inside your room would be great. If you like noise isolation headphone then Sennheiser Momentum is the best choice for you. Another Sennheiser HD review are Sennheiser HD 598Sennheiser HD 202 II and Sennheiser HD 600

Best Parts Of The Product

One of the reasons that have incited us to write this sennheiser hd 558 review is its sound quality. They have the best bass sound with great vocal projection. Another best thing about the product is its comfort as it does not weigh heavy and grips your head and ears perfectly. To add more, their twist and lock cable system is another best feature that will never tangle the cable easily. So, these best parts of the product definitely makes them worth trying.

Let’s Check A Video Of Sennheiser HD 558 Review

Purchasing The Sennheiser HD 558

There are a lot of online sites where you can get the Sennheiser HD 558. However, it is wise to look for them in popular sites. But if you want some recommendations, we would say to check them out in sites like Amazon ebay or Walmart. You will find it in their search option.

Sennheiser HD 558

Customers Choice


  • It comes in refined and clear sound.
  • The cable is removable.
  • The cable uses twist and lock system.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It comes with soft ear cups.
  • The bass is great and deep.


  • Since it is open back headphone, it has zero isolation.
  • Grille looks a bit cheap.
  • The cable is a bit hard to manage.
  • It leaks sound.

What Do Users Say

  • The headphone weighs super light but they don’t feel cheap. They fit snug and the soft material makes them really comfortable.
  • I bought these headphones with comfort and sound quality in mind, they have delivered on both fronts. Good bass, amazing clear highs, the mids are great.
  • Since it is an open design, these do not offer noise blocking or prevent leakage, so people near you hear your music and you will be able to hear the noise from outside.
  • They come in rich bass with good bass impact but not exaggerated bass.


So, if you want to spend some lone music time with a good headphone, then HD 558 is the thing for you. And Reviewsformusicians hope with this Sennheiser HD 558 review, you will get a clear image of the gear with both pros and cons. Besides, if you think that you can go for it because of its sound quality and comfort, then you can actually get it for yourself. Or else we will just suggest you to look for the one that features satisfy you. You can check our latest review Sennheiser HD 201 if you are looking best budget headphone.

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