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Sennheiser HD 598 CS Review [Best Closed Back Headphone]

Best Closed Back Headphone Sennheiser HD 598 CS Review

Sennheiser HD 598 CS Doesn’t Require intro since they are widely popular for their high-quality headphones. Each of their models are delivered great service. Hence, if you are done with your old gear and want to have a new, But the  Best one then you can take their HD 598 Cs. As it has always best reviews from users. It contains Best quality Materials from both Sides “upsides” and the “downsides”, these will never raise questions on the quality and performance of the headphone. The best thing of it, Easy to carry, best sound quality & smooth bits. Which will never let you feel a headache So, with this Sennheiser HD 598 cs review, you will get to know quite a lot about the appearance and activity of the product. Thus let’s start the Details Important Infomation about Sennheiser HD 598 cs review….

sennheiser hd 598 cs review

Sennheiser HD 598 CS Review

Features Of Sennheiser HD 598 CS

  1. Good-looking
  2. Flexibility and Inflexibility
  3. Sound Quality
  4. Isolation Capacity
  5. Lacks In Controls


Looks” always represent the product. The  Sennheiser HD 598 cs review, has a great appearance. the first impression of any product takes attention of users. Meet this gorgeous gear that is made to charm you. This Sennheiser HD 598 CS will let you feel that you are having a prestigious headset. Black is always a high demandable color to Every class people. Fortunately Sennheiser HD 598 cs comes in black color although there are few users are a white color lover. The Cs is one of the versions of HD 598 cs by Sennheiser.

However, the Cs comes with a closed back feature which you will find different about the product. The ear cups come with a matte finish which also looks gorgeous.  Also its build padded leatherette and comfortable fabric ear pads which is well matched with the design. It appears an up class stylist logo on it. Being a quality full plastic Materials compare to-cheap plastic Materials Headset, the 598 Cs still manages to attract people more than other headsets even wireless because of it has an attractive design and well finishing overall.

Flexibility and Inflexibility

The second thing that people check out is the weight of the product and the flexibility of carrying. Great news for those people who love to travel and carry it. And yes the Cs weighs very light even with its bulky over-the-ear cups. With 334g, you will never get the discomfort thing from the model and can use it for hours. So, it completely signifies that they are quite comfortable to wear. To add more, you might not get them as well-padded as the other versions of 598 cs because of its little stiffness, so you might get tired after wearing them for extended periods of time. Hence, the model is definitely ideal for the one with shorter head and ears. This is an awesome electronic device for all class.

Sound Quality

Another Best part of this Sennheiser HD 598 cs review is the quality of the sound. Of course, a headphone has no value if it does not own great voice and music projection. Hence, we have gone through the detail of its sound system before coming up with this Sennheiser HD 598 cs review. To talk about their low end, you will find them great with a sense of detail. It comes with an energetic bass, but as it lacks some control, so you might face trouble listening to some of the tracks. Besides, the mids contain a better sense of detail and yes better than the low end. As for the high end, you will find all the positivity in the detail.

So, overall we can say that the soundstage quality of the instrumentation and vocal is super great to listen. Great stereo effects headphone are Sennheiser HD 558 to have an outstanding bass which dose not require a equalize.Additionally, talking about the soundstage, it comes with sufficient depth that makes the 598 Cs a worth trying gear. Another great level of ambient noise isolation adds to Sennheiser Momentum, that is amazing.

Isolation Capacity

Since you are getting them with the closed back trait, so the Cs one definitely owns great noise isolation. So, you can literally enjoy your music even in the crowd, neither it will let you hear the outside noise,  But it will also help you clearly enjoy all kinds of tracks without any disturbance. So comparing to noise cancelation and noise isolation where the noise isolation is an upgrade part.

Lacks In Controls

The most disadvantaged part of the headphone is it lacks controls for volume. On the plus side, the cable has all the smart controls for playing or pausing and next or previous track.

Specification In Detail

It was released on 2016 and first available at Amazon September 30th, 2016. Here you will find even all information about unboxing as well. The Sennheiser 598 Cs features 2 locking cables. The one with 4 feet cable with 3.5 mm plug, a button remote and microphone, and the other one with 10 feet that comes with a 6.3 mm plug. The cable comes with locking mechanism like the other models. Besides, to talk about their impedance rating, it comes in 23 ohms. To add more, the frequency response rates at 10 to 28 Hz with the headphone owning sound pressure level of 115 dB. More details dimensions about the product you will find in catalog book after you will unbox the product.

By the way, it does not come with the mic and Bluetooth option but it comes with detachable cable. Also for your information if you would like to buy a replacement cable which is available on Amazon. Considering all those benefits are making this product having a great sale in the market. Here I would like to bring this to your attention special addition is not available in the market.

Best Parts Of The Product

Almost everything is the best. Especially, the high end of the frequency range is rich in quality and the most impressive part. Besides, it comes with a tactile soundstage with great high-end detail, which is another attracting point. Moreover, another best part of the product is it weighs light and it is definitely ideal for the people with a shorter head. And to talk about the appearance, we would say it is super gorgeous and you will fall in love with the construction of the gear. Which does not let if feel asking about warranty as for its a well known reputed company? Some best features of Sennheiser’s are- Sennheiser RS 120Sennheiser HD 202 II and Sennheiser HD 600.

Who Should Buy It

The Sennheiser 598 Cs is for the people who are looking for a quality headphone, Love to listen to long session music track, love to do gaming. As it comes in the high price tag, so if people do not want to compromise on the quality for the price, and intend to put money for quality, then this is a great product for you.  We also have a Great consideration on your value of money because it’s holding a great quality.   Here we are reviewing the best budget headphones Sennheiser HD 201 You can have a look at it.

How to get it easy  Sennheiser HD 598 CS?

You can buy the product from many popular online sites. The most reliable sites to suggest would be Amazon ,  eBay, Walmart, Flipkart, These are three leading sites where you can get any authentic product you want. You just need to follow few simple steps Nothing required to do Manual except online. Also, it’s completely hassle-free. You will get the authentic one with your convenient delivery system. Click here , 

Sennheiser HD 598

Customers Choice

Let’s Check A Video Of Sennheiser HD 598 CS Review

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  • The frequency range is great it high end.
  • The sound features a great sense of detail.
  •  Sturdy and well built.
  •  Sleek and stylish design.
  •  It weighs light.
  • As it is a closed back headphone, it comes with great noise isolation capacity.


  • It does not have volume control.
  • The low end has a lower sense of detail.
  • It is expensive.
  • The padding is a little stiffer, so people with large heads might face trouble with the fit.

Most Popular Users Trusted  Review

  • The plastic is high quality though with a good feel in the hand so I will not complain. Also, I am thinking to give a review on youtube as well. As I am so excited let my friends know such great product.
  • I have been using the pair for about 3 to 4 hours now, and they’re incredible. The most comfortable, clear headphones I have ever owned.
  •  The clamping force is a little tight for me, yet the leather headband feels very comfortable.
  •  I would recommend anyone to buy it if you look for quality over compromise.
  •  The Sennheiser HD 598 Cs is definitely a high-quality audiophile headphone.
  •  The highs are excellent for both.


So we will end the Sennheiser HD 598 cs review via saying that the headphone has some really great features which make it worth buying. The HD 598 Cs is excellent at its low end of the frequency range. And if you want to crisp detail, it is a must-have. Not only does the design of the headphone attracts you, but the performance of it surely impresses you. Although the lack of volume control can be a little disappointing, it still is great enough to avoid that con. So, hopefully, the review will help you decide in picking up the one.Still, I would say not enough to talk about such gorgeous product. My suggestion to everyone to buy this product from Amazon ,  to avoid having a fake one.

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