Sennheiser RS 120 Review

Sennheiser RS 120 Review [Best Sounding Headphones Ever]

Best Sounding Headphone Sennheiser RS 120 Review

Life is difficult. In fact, life without the perfect headphone is the hardest. So, you are here in search of the perfect headphone and today you are going to read the Sennheiser rs 120 review that will make your life easier and merrier, aren’t you? Moreover, you are hesitant about buying the headphone you chose because you have little knowledge about the features of a good headphone within your budget. Everyone is. So, we are here to your rescue.

Sennheiser RS 120 Review

As a matter of fact, we have prepared this Sennheiser rs 120 review to help you. In fact, we will walk you through the features in simple, non-technical language to leave no shade of doubt about the nooks and crannies of the product. Now, join us on the tour of Sennheiser rs 120 review!

Features of Sennheiser RS 120 Wireless Headphone

Firstly, let us take a quick look at the features of the headphone in simple human language and explanation of the technical terms.


  1. The Sennheiser RS 120 comes with well-designed and comfortable components like:
  2. A headphone (duh)
  3. A transmitter base
  4. Two RCA cables as input devices
  5. A gold plated audio jack as receiver
  6. An adapter to convert the two RCA cables for input into a single unit
  7. Charging adapter
  8. A pair of AAA battery.
  9. A carrying case.


None likes the mess and filth wires cause. And, you do not have to deal with it either with Sennheiser RS 120 Basically, because it is wireless. In fact, the only wire needed is to connect the transmitter to the source output like a TV, MP3 player etc. No, the headphone does not require wires to connect to the transmitter base. Moreover, the wireless range is above average (120 Feet) and the signals can penetrate walls, ceilings and outdoors. Apparently, you will not receive any static unless you go too far to receive it. So, feel free to walk around your house while using it!

Three Channels

At the bottom of the base, there is a switch that enables you to shift between three different channels. In fact, the transmitter is capable of receiving three different frequencies. So, you can easily switch between the channels and stop at the one providing best reception.

Tune And Volume

Almost all wireless headphones that we know of have a background hiss when tuned in with an inappropriate signal. Fortunately, the Sennheiser RS 120 comes with a Tune button on its left-right side for scrolling and getting the signal right! So, scroll the tune button until you get the perfect signal and be done with background hisses! Certainly, there is volume button situated right beside the Tune button on the headphone.


In fact, it is powered by two rechargeable NiMH batteries which hide inside the ear cups. Moreover, all you have to do to charge it is just hook the headphone jack perfectly to the transmitter base.

Sound Isolation

You will find it difficult to understand what a person is saying to you with the headphone on at just a moderate volume. So yes! It isolates sound quite well. The best ambient sound isolates headphone is Sennheiser Momentum, we already review on our blog.

Sound Quality

Apparently, Sennheiser is quite known for the good sound quality of its headphones. But, the Sennheiser RS 120 still manages to surprise listeners to some extent with its excellent sound quality. In fact, it comes with a detailed and analytical sound reproduction with a great bass response! You can comfortably spend hours listening to it and you will not be annoyed. Another good sound quality Sennheiser

headphone on the market HD 598. We are also present Sennheiser HD 598 review to our customer demand.


The moment you activate the connected audio source, the headphone turns on without the use of switches or buttons! Moreover, it turns off automatically to save power after five minutes of the source being turned off. So, do not worry about exhausting the batteries!

If you want to some different type of Sennheiser product then the Sennheiser HD 600 and Sennheiser HD 202 II review for you.

Customers Choice

Let’s Check A Video Of Sennheiser RS 120 Review


  1. Made of high-quality plastic with brushed stainless steel headband and plush.
  2. Automatic on and off feature.
  3. Padded ear cups and head.
  4. Transmitter acts as the charger.
  5. Easily available AAA battery powered.
  6. Wireless.
  7. Great bass response.
  8. Durable
  9. Very comfortable.
  10. Affordable.
  11. Sound Quality is classic with detailed and balanced with good clarity.
  12. Comes with the batteries and a nice carrying case.
  13. Included instruction manual and safety guide.


  1. Unable to fold.
  2. Produces hiss sound after 3 minutes of no audio reception.
  3. Tune and volume button are located too close. So, many complained of accidentally scrolling the volume button up instead of the tune button and receiving deafening sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I leave the TV sound on for others while keeping my headphone connected and listening to it?

Answer: Yes, you can. Firstly, if your TV has a headphone output then connect the audio jack to it. Definitely, keep your TV on and volume at an audible level. Unless your TV does not allow it, you will be able to hear the audio through your headphone and your TV speaker as well. Moreover, you can settle for different volumes on each, even muting one.

  1. What are the differences between Sennheiser RS 120 and Sennheiser RS 110?

Answer: Firstly, Sennheiser RS 120 comes with a rechargeable stand which the Sennheiser RS 110 does not. Secondly, RS 120 uses rechargeable batteries but RS 110 does not use rechargeable batteries. Finally, RS 120 is still available while RS 110 is no longer offered by Sennheiser.

  1. Which devices does it work on?

Answer: Any device that comes with a 1/8” jack.


Headphones are a great escape from the daily pressure of life. Whether it is peaceful TV watching session or a calm music listening session, a good headphone makes everything better. Moreover, the longevity of the headphone matters as well. Definitely, you do not want to waste the money you earn by replacing the headphone you use daily with an inadequate time period. So firstly, research about the headphone you have your eyes on and then decide (just like you are doing right now). Finally, buy the headphone you so deserve. So, this marks the end of our Sennheiser rs 120 review.

Reviewsformusicians will come back with more ways to help you. Until then, farewell.

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