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Shure MV88 Review [ Best iOS Condenser Mic ]

Best iOS Condenser Mic Shure MV88 Review

One of the most popular brands “Shure” has pleased us via releasing a microphone MV88. It belongs to fresh line that you can call “MOTIV Digital Mics”. We all know the fact that the microphones for Apple devices are widely popular for their performance. And talking about MV88, it is no different. So we will let you know about the microphone with our shure mv88 review. And in this write, you will get a lot of information that we will talk about.We would also like to highlight that the model has achieved an award at the 31st NAMM show in the nomination for Smartphones and tablets. Thus, let we start the shure mv88 all features.

Shure MV88 Review


Best iPhone Microphone Shure MV88 Review

Features Of Shure MV88

  1. The Construction
  2. The Sound Entry
  3. The Smart MOTIV App
  4. Experience While Eating An Apple Maybe

The Construction

The first thing to highlight the shure mv88 review is about its appearance. The MV88 is definitely one of the most elegant and stylish microphones that we have come across. It is engineered with chicness and you will surely fall in love with this piece. Moreover, the mic comes in the fully metal coat that enhances the class of the model. Additionally, the hinge of the mic is another positive part that can rotate up to 90 degrees. So, you can able to point the microphone to the sound source even when you are occupied with recording anything. So, it is a very useful piece to have.

The Sound Entry

Another reason to give this shure mv88 is for its sound recording quality. The device is based on a condenser tech, hence it is the best pick to record anything. It gives the best and the clearest stereo sound to prove it an ideal piece. Another best thing about this little piece is it eliminates all the tiny noises to deliver clear sound. Moreover, being an engineering piece, it tends to give Frequency response ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz sound quality, with 24Bit/48kHz sample rate and 37dBFS sensitivity. So, even though it is not eligible for the studio, but you can get a great piece with high-quality sound recording just via using an iOS device. If you need low price good sound quality microphone then Blue Snowball Microphone for you.

The Smart MOTIV App

You will need to install the app to control the microphone and it is super easy just like installing other app. After you are done with installing you will be needing to run the app after getting the permission. However, with the app, you can record a stereo signal from the microphone while controlling its gain and stereo width. Besides, it also comes with more smart features like EQ, wind reduction, limiting, compression, channels swap and polar pattern. Talking about the patterns, they include adjustable width stereo, raw mid-side, mono bidirectional, and mono cardioid. Besides, there are 5 preset modes: Speech, Acoustic, Singing, Band and Flat that you just need to press button to work with them. So, the app tends to optimize your sound on the move. Not only that, you can also share your files via text, SMS or email with the app.

Experience While Eating An Apple Maybe

The only limitation that you can get in the microphone is its compatibility with iOS devices only. So if you own an iOS device, you can use it with easy, while it is a sad news for the android and window users one. But still there are limitations for iPhone users as well, since the mic will work only with iOS 7.0 or higher for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, for iPad Mini 1st generation, iPad Mini 2nd generation and iPad Mini 3rd Generation, for iPad 4th generation; for iPod touch 5th generation; for iPad, iPad Air and iPad Air 2.

Inside The Box

You will get a windsock, a small carrying case and a headphone adapter cable for monitoring with the model. And I think the accessories are enough that you need with the piece as these are the essential stuff for a microphone.

Who Is It For

It is definitely for the people who want a rich quality microphone. However, the Shure MV88 is ideal for the people who have access to iOS devices as it is compatible with such device only. Moreover, if people are looking for a mic that will provide high quality studio like sound recording, then this little piece is absolutely worth buying. Are you need great quality low price microphone? yes, then you should check Samson Go mic Review.

Shure MV88

Best Parts Of The Product

There are lots of advantages you can enjoy for having this model. One of the best parts of the product is that it comes with a variety of options with rich features. It captures live performance via recording with clarity. Moreover, you can even do Vlogs with the piece. Besides, it tends to record both vocals and instruments and eliminates noise to provide clarity. Not only that, you can adjust the stereo, mono, mono-bidirectional modes and something furthermore Shure sm7b as well as a raw mid-side mode via the MOTIV app. And this app is another best part of the product. If you are a professional reporter or youtuber then you can check Rode videomic go review.

Customers Choice

Purchasing The Product

It is wise to buy the product from the sites if you are planning to get it from online. Yet, if you still want some recommendations, then we would suggest you to get it from sites like Amazon eBay and Walmart. Since they are popular for their authenticities and fast delivery, you can check out the model from there.

Let’s Check A Video Of Shure MV88 Review


  • It records the sound with clear detail.
  • It eliminates noise while recording.
  • The hinge of the mic can turn up to 90 degrees.
  • It comes with 5 preset modes and 4 adjustable polar patterns.
  • The Motiv app lets you optimize the sound and you can share files with the app.


  • You can use the microphone only with iOS devices.
  • It is a bit expensive.
  • You can take off your phone case to fit the microphone.

What Do Users Say

  • The microphone is really good. I have actually recorded two radio commercials using the microphone in my studio and you will never be able to tell the difference.
  • It is an outstanding mini microphone and provides insanely better sound quality.
  • The Motiv iPhone App is very intuitive with having many features to enhance your recording based on the environment you are working in.
  • It really works well at cutting down surrounding noise when set to a cardioid pattern.
  • It has great bass, nice separation, wide soundstage.


We would like to end the shure mv88 review with telling you that the little piece has everything that makes it perfect. Although it has only a major downside which is iOS compatible. But if you own an iPhone, you can do wonders with this microphone. Starting from its great performance to its super sound recording quality, to its looks, it is one of the best models that Shure has released. You can utilize all the advantages of the little guy once you grab it. And trust us, these are the reason for which Reviewsformusicians thought of providing a Shure mv88 review guide.

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